Age: 36
Height: 5ft4
Weight: N/A, underweight
Defining features: Heavy burn scars on his cheek, chest, and arms.
Class, in-game: Sorcerer
Class, played: Alchemist (Medic, previously)
Aligment: Ebonheart Pact (technically)
Limitations/conditions: Often subject to weakness in the limbs, tremors, and shooting visceral pain. Extreme emetophobia.

Domhnall was born to Serathrial and Avenurr Sern'a, later joined by two siblings; Odette Sern'a and Vora Sern'a. Though his siblings and parents are gifted magic-users, Domhnall struggled to achieve what seemed to come naturally to other members of his family, which resulted in a series of painful, near-lethal burns when a fire-ward backfired.

Though the young Dunmer has mostly given up on magic, he found that botany and alchemy were both quite easy for him to study. Once his interests were solidified, Domhnall later opened an apothecary in The Rift. Business went well, and he truly felt that he had found his calling. While selling potions to traveling adventurers was rewarding in its own way, he was much, much happier to treat various injuries and illnesses of those who came to him for help.

This informal occupation as a medic landed him in The Serk, at the height of the Llodos plague.

Though Domhnall was able to offer his assistance, his time among the plagued left him with a very, very intense phobia of vomiting. If someone so much as coughs, he shudders and grits his teeth. He has yet to discuss exactly what happened to instill this fear.