Darius is a slender and lithe Dunmer of average height. His ashen skin is smooth and unmarked in testament to his knack for looking after himself despite his penchant for conflict, as well as his relative youth. Tattoos declaring his allegiance to the shadowy Morag Tong are inked across his face and torso. His dark red hair is shaven by his temples and styled into a tall ponytail behind his head. Darius' features are angular and sharp with low cheekbones and a prominent nose and chin with small, narrow eyes like two pools of blood.

Garbed in treated boiled leather armour he appears as a simple rogue. His face remains uncovered by hood or cowl. Darius carries two daggers on his hip within easy reach of his quick hands. He wears a leather belt containing vials, parchment and a badge displaying the seal of his organisation.


Darius was born to a poor family in the city of Mournhold. His father and mother did their best to raise him well but he soon fell in with a bad crowd as so many young Dunmer do. He abandoned his position with the local temple and left home, venturing far to the island of Vvardenfell and joined up with a band of common mercenaries. It was here that Darius exploited his natural aptitude for stealth and secrecy, honing his skills with a blade. He soon grew bored with the petty sellswords and took his leave, seeking out the enigmatic Morag Tong for a chance to develop his skills. Catching the eye of one of their agents he was recruited as a Thrall. Darius now trains his skills further and longs for the day he is permitted to carry out his first solo assassination.


Darius can often be found on the island of Vvardenfell, especially in Vivec City and Balmora. He is a mild mannered fellow on the surface but is quick to anger if insulted and slow to forgive any perceived insult. He never initiates combat or fighting of any kind due to the severe consequences he would face from the Tong. He has turned from Tribunal worship to reverence of the Daedric Prince, Mephala.