Nickname: Tao, Nex
Race: Argonian
Age: Early thirties
Gender: Female
Birthsign: The Mage
Favorite Gods: Sithis, Hermaeus Mora
Archetype: The Sage
Eyes: Orange
Fur/Hair: Grey headfeathers
Place of Birth: Somewhere in Murkwood.
Personality: Calm and relaxed, yet quick and occasionally determined.
Easily disagreeable. Focused, loyal. Sage, wise, strong-willed. Brash.
Habits: Smokes strange herbs, chews on bark.
General Health: Healthy cardio and lungs. Fairly muscular. Strong/agile legs. Flexible.
Hobbies: Fishing, Meditating, Reading, Carving Idols.
Armor: Bronze & leather tribal dress.
Primary Weapon of Choice: Staff, occasionally knives.
Fighting Style: Magic, occasionally knife combat.
Knowledge of Magicka: Tribal shaman magic basis, destruction, restoration, illusion.
Affiliations: Black-Tongue tribe, independent.
Appearance: Red tribal facepaint, necklace of werecroc teeth. 5'6ft, 175lbs.



Born somewhere in Murkwood, Shatao was raised in the Black-Tongue tribe of Argonians. Her tribe having mostly produced Shadowscales, she was somewhat of an odd one out, as her affinity wasn't quite for the shadows, but rather traditional and tribal magics. Often scorned by her elders for not having the traditional Black-Tongue traits, she found her solace in the meditation of the presence of Hermaeus Mora, and every now and then, Sithis. This common worship in the God of Knowledge grew in her her own desire in the never-ending pursuit. She soaked up whatever books were traded with her tribe, or whatever knowledge she found in ancient ruins throughout the marsh.

Being an avid believer in the Hist and their connection to her people, Tao would annually travel to Murkmire to visit the great trees, and to drink from their veins. This is held as a highly religious activity to her, and she considers her journeys there as pilgrimages, occasionally bringing along companions to experience the gold sap.

On her fifteenth birthday-or what could be roughly fifteen-she felt a calling from Sithis and a pull to the Hist. She broke her annual visits to the Mire, and left her village as soon as she felt the call. Upon reaching Helstrom, she had powerful thoughts put into her mind, strong desires that took the form of supposed duties. She saw images of many of her kind living outside of the homeland, disconnected from the Hist and their spiritual roots. She felt a danger upon them, and consulted the elder of her tribe. The elder suggested she seek out these lost kin, and bring them to their home, to drink the ichor of the Hist, and live truthfully as argonians of the marsh. Whether out of disdain for her, or true passion, Tao did not know why the elder told her this, but she followed the suggestion anyway. The call in her was strong, and now she travels throughout Tamriel in search of those disconnected from the mighty Hist, those whom never drank their flows.