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Amara's Drawings (Attempting that is)

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Hello All!
I'm a roleplayer from EU and have been reading these forums for a few months now.
After looking at work from great artists in this community for months now, (And getting VERY inspired) I decided I wanted to learn how to draw as well. And hopefully one day be just as good. I never held a pensil properly in my life. A challenge was born!
So here I went... last year september, buying a pensil and some paper, looked up a few tutorials and off I went...
I had to gather some nerves to do this but after getting a lot of advice from wonderfull people as well I though to myself why not ask for more. Advice that is... One can never learn to less when it comes to drawing and since I still make many mistakes advice is always helpfull.
When done I will post some here and yes, advice from the great masters here themself is more then welcome. (But please be nice :p)

So in september 2017 I started with something small. (That's what you should do, tutorials told me)
Eyes and lips...

With a lack of patience, I started something bigger in October of that year.

In Febuari I got a tablet for my birthday and of course I had to try it out... I giggle sometimes but this first digital portret will be a nice memory.

In March 2018 I practiced making a guildie...

And eventually I finished this one today... I did not want to because I see many mistakes but I got told to finish it and learn from the mistakes.
So that's what I will do....
This one actually began on paper, that I scanned before I worked digitally on it. It gives me much more feeling with it as well and I like it more. Something I will do from now on.
Posted Jun 13, 18 · OP · Last edited Jun 13, 18
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Gorgeous work!

We actually have a Discord for artists and those wishing to better their own artwork, if you're not in it already! You can learn about it here, they are an awesome group of people, I recommend it!

"Welcome my friend, sit down. I have a story to tell you about a woman who rose from the embers of nothing and created something beautiful."
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Posted Jun 13, 18 · Last edited Jun 13, 18