Rulric Wolf-Blood
Nord Male
25, average nord height, above average strength
Chaotic Good


Instilled within him from his mother during her time as a wanderer, A young Rulric developed a curiosity to understand the world around him as well as the ways of the gods and ancient ways of his people. While certainly no scholar he is no simple brute either as his curiosity has allowed him to learn innovative strategies as well as learning some nord stories, making him desired on both the battlefield and around the campfire.

Growing up in skyrim surrounded by his own folk Rulric learned very early on that to get what you want you must continue on and never give in, that there is time for reflection and for grief but that time is not always at hand. For when one has his eyes on the prey he cannot also be distracted by the horizon.

Being the warrior that he is, Rulric faces battles with courage that sometimes could be seen as bordering on thrill seeking, those two things often overlap with each other whether it be an equally skilled opponent he respects or a rampaging troll he has angered to test his combat skills on a more...unpredictable opponent.


Born to a werewolf father and a member of the companions in a small home on the outskirts of windhelm, Rulric was the oldest of the wolf-blood siblings. As children him and his brothers Tolvar and Kraven would often pretend to be the legendary nord heroes that fought for their homeland, Ysgramor and his legendary five hundred companions. Around the age of ten Rulrics father left the family due to his condition, the condition he had passed onto the children, and to aid his mother Rulric took on many responsibilities around the home however this never stopped his true passion. He wanted to fight, he knew the ways of his people from the stories he heard growing up, and he wanted nothingmore then to follow in the footsteps of those who took the land he was proud to call home. Rulric was around the age of eighteen when the three banners war started and rulric signed up for the pact and quickly ascended the ranks to defend his home. He held no major bias against his allies, he never had. He respected those who shared his values, he cared very little for what their race was.

After three years of brutal war, Rulric returned home as a man, and a warrior of the highest degree. However, upon his arrival home. He found his mother alone, his brothers had set off on their own paths it would seem, and he did not judge them for it. He remained with her until she died a few months later. In his grief, Rulric turned to the mountains, where he remained for months, praying to the gods and surviving all that his homeland could throw at him. Now, with the world in turmoil and the gods themselves guiding his axe, he returns to civilization with goals in mind. To see what there is to see, to fight what there is to fight, and see himself honourably to sovngarde.