F E R I E L A _ D R A A S

Short summary as of 2E 586

Following the death of her late master and teacher, Feriela Draas has in recent years made herself a fortune by picking up on his business ends and capitalizing on the man's many business connections. Since growing into wealth through the exporting of saltrice and silks towards distant High Rock, she has returned to Morrowind and acquired a manor on the banks of Lake Amaya, overseeing her business ventures from the comforts of her homeland, now.

Her experiences abroad, however, left her with no small amount of loathing for the outlander races - and so it was that she soon found herself not only a House Cousin of House Hlaalu, but involved with the Camonna Tong as well.

Her recently opened cornerclub, dubbed the Golden Veil, in Balmora, serves as a secret hideout of the Tong in the city, as such, and is able to provide the clientele with more than just booze or ladies of the night. Feriela's own crime, other than this, has mostly kept to 'white-collar' crimes.

Rumours among the Camonna Tong of her involvement in slave raids and slave trading are, of course, entirely unfounded - her entire involvement with the syndicate in general is naught but slander, after all!


B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Age: 32
▪ Born: Narsis, Deshaan, 2E554
▪ Species: Dunmer
▪ Gender: Female
▪ Occupation: Merchant
▪ Affiliations: House Hlaalu
Camonna Tong
▪ Constellation: The Lover
▪ Apparent Age: Late twenties
▪ Hair: Curly, auburn
▪ Eyes: Red
▪ Skin: Grey
▪ Build: Lithe
▪ Height: 171 cm
▪ Weight: 50 kg


With her lithe, lean figure, a lack of muscles, and straight posture, it is obvious that Feriela Draas is not accustomed to doing any sort of physical labor or any fighting, herself. Her curly, dark, auburn hair is usually tied into a tight ponytail, keeping her locks out of her face! Her eyes are red and her skin is grey, as with most Dunmer.

While not a particularly tall Dunmer at all, she nevertheless manages to carry an air of confidence and authority with her to most, even if this was previously not the case - the woman seems to have grown at least in this regard, and this air of authority is most certainly backed up by her ranking within the Great House, together with her position within the Camonna Tong, her many contacts, and her wealth.


While formerly rather amiable, if lacking for confidence and a little naive, Feriela Draas is now much colder and collected than before. A little reserved even, perhaps. The Dunmer likes to be in control - spurred on by a fear of failing or things going awry, she always attempts to be on top of things, overseeing them personally, a perfectionist in nature in this regard. A clever mind, she is often pondering or scheming as to what her next step shall be.

In what little free time Feriela has, she primarily enjoys reading a good book or two, and this is something she has always enjoyed - disappearing into a world of fantasy, if only for a moment! She loves her homeland Morrowind greatly, and is a devout follower of the Tribunal - the Blessed Lady Almalexia in particular. There is a very healthy love of gold present as well, of course - she is a Hlaalu born and bred, after all.

She possesses a strong dislike, if not hatred, for outlanders, save for perhaps her Altmeri slave servant.

A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T

Feriela's strength primarily lies in the people she knows and the gold she has. Both ensure that problems can be swiftly dealt with - if not by her own hands, by that of others, suitable of a lady such as herself!

When she does have to see to things herself, however, she is surprisingly decent with a sword and a dagger - certainly not an accomplished soldier, warrior, or assassin, but enough to at least keep herself in a fight until nearby help arrives! Like many other Dunmer, she is capable of conjuring up some minor flames that can be used to this extent as well.

Other than that, Feriela is exceptionally skilled with the employ, and indeed creation of, all manner of poisons, even if she would never admit such.


Feriela Draas was born and raised in the city of Narsis, in mainland Morrowind, as a part of a minor house underneath House Hlaalu. Her youth was relatively uneventful, the young girl learning how to read and write from her own, private teacher. Her father, a merchant, was often far and away from home, and Feriela and her older sister and younger brother were raised by their mother, together with some of the servants. The Dunmer proved to have a keen mind, and it was said that in the future, she would undoubtedly follow in her father’s footsteps.

As she got older, Feriela became an apprentice to the veteran, but aging, trader Vondil Farando, learning from him as she helped the man out with his day-to-day goings. Unfortunately, it was not long after she started doing this that the Akaviri landed on Tamriel’s shores in their Second Invasion. Other than damaging trade, the results were rather disastrous for the young Dunmer personally as she soon found out her father had died of injuries sustained during the Akaviri march into Morrowind. Following the defeat of the Akaviri invaders and the funeral of her father, she resumed work, finding her people to be a part of the newly formed Ebonheart Pact, the Argonians no longer slaves, but allies (in most situations, that is).

Her master, the venerable Vondil Farando, however, had a hard time adapting to the changing political climate and refused to do business with the Argonians - whom he regarded as slaves, still - while also having quite some trouble addressing Nords in at least a somewhat respectable manner. Following a few disastrous encounters with non-Dunmer, and even a few blunders with fellow Dark Elves, Feriela began to grow more and more aware of how foolish her master could act. Not one for giving up, she did her best to ‘steer’ the old man in the right direction as best as she could. Unfortunately, he didn’t prove to be all that good of a listener and mostly continued on as usual during the following years.

Last year however, the venerable Vondil Farando found his unfortunate and untimely end at the hands of a Guar, the old Dunmer apparently having fallen right in front of one before having his fragile body crushed by a mighty kick of the beast - a true tragedy indeed. On a more fortunate note for Feriela personally, however, it seemed that the old merchant had changed his will but a week before, leaving virtually all of his possessions to her, presumably due to his lack of any living heirs whatsoever.

No longer an apprentice, Feriela Draas set out to set up her own, proper business. Pulling a few strings here and there, she has managed to set up a smoothly running business in Morrowind, which is currently mostly being ran by several people in her employ. As of late she has been expanding into High Rock, finding moderate success, especially by shifting tons of saltrice to several lords and ladies in northern Glenumbra.

Since then Feriela has returned to Morrowind, purchasing a manor on Vvardenfell and taking up residence there. Her business has only grown since then - with perhaps the occasional setback, but nothing truly worth noting. Her association with the Camonna Tong has proven nothing if not very, very fruitful indeed, and the young Dunmer is eager to capitalize more in it, now.

w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n