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Sir Maxime Sigismond Biereus

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Full Name:Maxime Sigismond Biereus
Age:23 years old
Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
Occupation:Sworn Knight & Protector to House Elbgette
Residence:Baron Elbgette's Manor currently
Profession:Knight of High Rock
Coat of Arms
"Chivalry is not just a fancy word with a neat meaning; it’s a way of life."

- Maxime Sigismond Biereus

"Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right."

Sir Maxime's apperance is that of a tall young man at the height of exactly 182 cm with broad shoulders and a overall fittingly well trained muscular figure having his upper body appear in a V-shape, not able to be hidden by his most commonly worn garment. A royal blue suede doublet with silver segments worn ontop a white tunic. The Knights coat of arms, a white rose on red as a badge located on his chest. As a most dominat feature Sigismond is forced to carry a deep scar on his right face half only slightly hidden by a few wild blond strands of hair, until he draws his last breath, only barely leaving the light blue eye untouched as a reminder of his own foolishness yet also giving him a overall older apperance than his actual 23 years of age alongside the well taken care of beard.

Sir Maxime could easily be described with multiple traits, the most pronounced ones being his loyalty towards his friends alongside his sense of duty both of which he carries around at all time. Another way to describe Sigismond would be as most Knights, slightly arrogant and yet always charming, prepared to fend for his and the honour others around him at all times.

Having been raised as a Knight from the age of six Maxime has grown up to be a skilled fighter most used to fighting on horse back as Heavy Cavalry, trained and skilled in the usage of many weapons ranging from common Knightly weapons such as the lance and a arming sword all the way to warhammer's, mace's and polearms yet ranged weapons such as Warbows, Javelins and throwing axes are nothing new to the young man either.

The Minor noble looks as astonishing as any Knight in his armour would, visualising the might of High Rock and its High King. The plate armour itself is decorated by many symbols and rich materials with barely any meaning behind the impressive craftsmanship, even the coat of arms of the Knights family can be found on the plate covering the mans Shoulder's. The Knights armory consits of weapons just as fancy as their suit of plate's counterpart. At the back of the belt a rondal dagger claimed it's position not too far away from the Knights arming sword.

1: Name:
Maxime Sigismund Bierus

2: Gender and Sexuality:
Breton Male, Straight

3: Describe your character with one sentence:
A friendly soul with a helping hand for those in need.

4: Religious/ethical view:
Worships the Eight Divines

5: Family:
Father: Alesis Sigismond Bierus [Deseased/ Minor noble]
Mother: Sorcace Erlche Bierus (Formerly Ranyne) [Deseased/Minor noble]
Sister and Mother to his Nephew Magnus Viramont: Chloette (Formerly Bierus) Viramont [Deseased]

6: Why your family is:
Sir Alesis and former head of the Bierus family lost his life weeks after having been fatally wounded in a Tournament
Sorcace Erlche died only weeks after her husband the cause is unkown
Maxime's younger Sister Chloette died due to a fatal accident alonside her husband Joaque Viramont

7: One thing your character loves:
Tournaments, jousting, sparring

8: One thing your character hates:
Criminals, cowards, scallywags

9: One thing your character fears:
Bringing dishonor to his family name

10: One thing your character would never do:
Do harm to anyone without a reason

11: What would it take for your char to steal:
A Order or the need to survive on the battlefield.

12: What would it take for your char to wound somebody:
A assault on Maxime or anyone around him

13: What would it take for your character to kill somebody:
Failing to surrender

14: One happy childhood/teenage memory (Everybody has one!):
The first time he beat his father in a sparring fight only to be followed by dismounting him for the first time in a joust the very next day

15: Characters view on the opposite sex and or other races:
Believes that the leadership in Warfare is not a woman's task yet treats women respectully nonetheless. While he does see the Breton's as superior in many things he does not fail to see advancements other races might have

16: One hobby your character has:
Training (Jousting, Sparring)

17: Characters trademark:
The richly decorated arming sword which almost never leaves his side

18: A goal your character has:
Improving his families standing in High Rock

19: Soundtrack/music piece that fits him/her:
I'm a Knight by Lily Allen

20: If you could give your character one advice, what would it be:
Drinking less wine would be a start

This profile was designed by @Sanguiness130 - if you wish for something similar please message her via. her discord.
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