Nara's Cup
A Northwood Rangers Story Arc
It is unusual for a Bosmer to have any employee on retainer doubly so when that Bosmer is an alpha werewolf. Though those things aren't what define Nara Nightshade. Several months have passed since she came into the Employ of Harald, a Nordic Nobleman hiring mercenaries in Bangkorai. What was more unusual is this Harald, seemed undeterred by the fact he hired a werewolf, even less so when he learned of her being a silencer in the dark brotherhood. Things continued on as Nara began to experience something she never thought could happen; people not concerned with what she was. Slowly her suspicions of normal folks started to wane, until she opened up...

It's not normal for someone who's had lycanthropy for 68 years to open up, suddenly, even more; for her to be forthright with the fact she's an alpha. To her is was an extreme expression of trust; an uncommon trust in companions, yet, Nara felt compelled to at least let everyone know what she was, in case any issues came up. Several of the group's members expressed distrust, even fear; Nara expected this; however what she didn't expect was, others trusting her. Even accompanying her to her Family's Home, which is a graveyard and a reminder of how bad she can be. Still the Northwoods Rangers is an oddball group within Tamriel, and Nara wanted to try an experiment. To see if daedrically enhanced individuals and normal folks can actually live and work together, while knowing who is what. Still things progressed and Nara felt more and more comfortable, enough to where she could show open affection towards a normal bosmer, by the name of Vyrthin.

This did not last very long as for her first assignment she was tasked with being the distraction, the one to draw fire from a camp of Imperial
Deserters at the mine of Onsi's Breath, since she could easily destroy an entire town, if she wanted to. Harald thought of a plan to draw out Nara's bloodlust with Bull Netch Testosterone, thinking it would do something. Unfortunately, the Netch Testosterone was nothing more than just an extremely potent aphrodisiac for Nara; and did little to stimulate her predatory instincts. so she left the stuff at her home in Morrowind for her crafter Girriian to play with. What Harald learned was quickly, how desensitized Nara was towards killing; even more; that Nara had long accepted her wolf half and didn't need anything to spark her bloodlust; just the mission of protecting her allies who were infiltrating the camp for information. The term blood bath doesn't begin to describe the scene, ensued. Nara transformed was like a 500 ton wrecking ball to the camp of Imperials, none survived, and she only paused to shake the blood off her fur. Some were fearful, some appalled; more disturbing was that to Nara these enemies were no better than trash. Still as she paused near everyone, Vyrthin, still tried to pet her. She looked away, saying through her transformation, the word, "I'm a monster." The only one angry at Nara was, of all things an Ashlander; who called Nara a savage. Having got what the group came for they left the now annihilated group of Imperials and returned to the lodge.

Nara realized that whatever trust she managed to scrape together with the other rangers was now gone. That, however was a problem another day. Nara needed to visit her family's grave. So, Nara is camped on the outskirts of town, not that she's influenced by the moons anymore, but so that she could put on her disguise for her pilgrimage back home. After several hours Nara looks up to see the, group's Ashlander, Alyroni has caught up to Nara and decides to tag along. Nara takes Alyroni on a twisted journey through Evermore's underworld of thieves and murderers; and, smuggles the both of them aboard a Privateer vessel working for the Dominion. After many sleepless night for the both of them at sea, they arrive in the town of Velyn Harbor, where they begin the long march into the Jungles of Valenwood towards the Nightshade Family Estate. on the eastern edge. Near the wood orc village they camp and Nara decides to try her hand at Spinner Magic, to show Alyroni her story. The Magic works well; and Alyroni gets to see with her own eyes the events that shaped the Nara she, knows and dreads. Nara, however has no experience or training in how to control such powerful magics and both of them are transported to Nara's old home, with an even bigger issue. The memory was too powerful and Nara is stuck on the verge of losing control, and transforming into her werewolf form, just before the transformation Nara jumps, crashing through the roof of a nearby pod. Alyroni rushes in vain to Nara's side again, but is pushed aside, as Nara punches through the pod's roof again and Crashes through the next pod when the Crackle of a teleportation portal opens and outsteps Girriian and several other Rangers. It is however very dangerous as Nara has seemingly lost control and transformed, not of her will. The Werewolf is now on top of the pod howling, drawing in the many predators of the Green. Nara leaps from the pod into the middle of the group as Girriian now tries to calm Nara. Eventually, Girriian's efforts pay off and the werewolf clams enough for Nara to return; but still the transformation hasn't ended, and the rescue party is now cut off from the portal, surrounded by dire wolves lead by a very large warg. After several hours of intense, fighting the group is victorious and heads back to the Lodge in Bangkorai; grateful that everyone is safe and sound.

The next day Girriian goes back to the estate and locates the cup Nara drank from during her 12th birthday celebration. After many hours of exhaustive tests, Girriian determins that the cup was made from the horn of a type of daedra, known as a Titan, how wild bosmer got hold of such an item; is curious enough, more so was that the daedric essence was still active, as nobody had purged it before forming the horn into a shape. More days pass and Nara is asked to help Vyrthin find his sister in the green, as they plan; however, a new threat emerges. Assassins are targeting Nara for some reason, but when pressed for answer Nara can't think of anything, this time, that would draw in assassins, but Nara is a Silencer, and a werewolf; so, pinning down something specific, was like asking Mara to turn a pile of feces into gold. More threats came so Nara decided to go to her ultimate source for information related to various assassinations, a Dark Brotherhood Speaker. After much pouring through records and information, Nara is unable to figure out anything; except that this group is bold enough to leave a threat on the Brotherhood's threshold. The Speaker send Nara on a sacrament, before she rejoins Vyrthin in Valenwood, but via a different route, than him. Nara goes directly there, not stopping in Vulkel Guard. She meets them posing as a Bosmeri scout just south of Elden Root and guides the party of Rangers around Elden Root until they find a room for the night, but steals Vyrthin away for a night of, just the two of them at her child hood home, which is not far away.
The next day Nara, Vyrthin and Lis, another ranger; meet Sylvia around the base of the Giant Elden Tree. She accuses them of being Green Traitors then attacks, after she stabs Vyrthin in the side. Nara, who is really starting to lover Vyrthin, comes quickly in between Vyrthin and Sylvia snarling, “You will feel my wrath.” The fight ensues and Sylvia is left dying in Vyrthin’s arms as Nara feels conflicted about the kill; “this was a good hunt right” she thought to herself. The group then, flees the Green knowing what may happen once people see a dead Spinner. They make haste where Nara charters a ship taking them back to Bangkorai. Once back in the lodge, Nara tries to console Vyrthin over his sister’s death, a pain she is all to familiar with.
The Next morning Nara and Girriian hold a sparring match, where in they fight at combat speed, but the courtyard of the lodge is warded to where neither property or personal damage will occur. Nara and Girriian fight, hard moving back and forth each countering the other’s skills, as the fight drags on various rangers place bets on who would win; the majority of the rangers pick Nara. Nara transforms and Girriian wins by getting Nara to yield via monster repellant that overwhelms Nara’s sense of smell forcing her to quit. As a personal penalty for losing Nara is forced to serve the lodge in her under garments. This was planned as a way for Nara to cheer up Vyrthin; who went to Evermore to get drunk. Nara instead ends up serving Cicero and whoever else is there, giving Harald, the ranger’s employer some pause.
Embarrassed that Girriian’s plan had failed they try again the next day and Girriian; makes the mistake of picking on Nara’s jealous love for Vyrthin. Girriian is nearly injured despite the warding as she could not hope to keep up with an angered Nara. Sympathetic to the fact she nearly killed her friend, Girriian, Nara decides to join her in the penalty party and helps serve the lodge as cooks and waiters, wearing their under garments, again. This time things go as planned and it seems like the two can bring some cheer to the lodge. Some time into the party Nara disappears near the stairwell, and the rangers gathered hear the screams of someone being horribly murdered. Everyone rushing to the source of the screams, finds a very aroused Nara holding the would be assailant’s head, and covered in his blood. Nara drags the headless corpse and Indyna, performs a necromantic ritual allowing Girriian to interrogate him; they learn that a group of Rogue spinners, the ones that trained Sylvian and years back targeted Nara had a camp where they were working with Reachmen in promote their idea of One Tamriel, One Green.
Later that night they return several, ranger frustrated that Nara’s increased control, made her steal the spotlight of people to kill. As the rangers went to bed one by one, Nara stayed up and poured over the information they gathered as well as old maps, of the province; trying to come up with a strategy. Nara was there in the morning; but when Khali arrived, bringing a fresh crate of rum, both Girriian and Nara were missing. Girriian left a note that she’d researched the use of Titan horn in different rituals. Nara was missing, gone, until a gloating Bosmer came down from upstairs. The Rangers Cicero, Khali, El’era, Shahassra, and Niraya interrogate the bosmer. After several successive rounds of questioning they learn that, Nara is being held in the one place she hates and they are using titan horn to gain control over Nara, and make her their weapon. Thanks to quick thinking by Girriian, they arrive at the Childhood home of Nara, and amid the bones that litter the ground they hear her snarling as a Bosmer goes flying out of the uppermost pod landing dead on the ground in front of them. Girriian rushes up to the kitchen pod and is sent flying out, by a kick from Nara. The group sees Nara with green glowing eyes as the Three Spinners are still attempting to control her. A major fight ensues and during the course of battle, one of the Spinners loses focus and Nara bites her head off. The remaining 2 Spinners are quickly defeated by the group and Nara is released from the spell. Steadily Nara regains control and then smells Girriian’s blood. Nara rushes out of the pod, and nearly breaks down as Girriian’s corpse is impaled in a tree. Realizeing that they may be stranded in the Green as the portal they used vanished with Girriian’s death. Cicero finds a fast teleportation scroll tucked in Girriian’s pack, and after some instruction from Nara, breaks the seal, activating the portal back to the lodge, where Nara carries Girriian’s body. El’era and Niraya leave shortly after, as Nara builds a pyre for Girriian, then lights it. Nara drinks a bottle of moon sugar rum in Girriian’s memory as the fire consumes her first real friend. Once the fire has died Nara enters the lodge and continues drinking until she passes out. After a long conversation and many drinks with Cicero it becomes clear that Nara has made progress with the other Rangers, in getting them to not care about her Lycanthropy. The next week Indyna, Nara, and Cicero explore and eliminate the last of the Green Pact Fanatics located in Black Heart Haven. During their raid they discover several artifacts bearing the logo of Telvanni, they decide to collect these objects, and a couple of messages that also seem to point towards the involvement of a member of house Telvanni, with these fanatics. The group continues to gather whatever information and leads they can off the bodies of the fallen and after defeating the Undead Pirate Lord they head back to the Lodge to drink and celebrate the coming pay from the Brotherhood.
Drinking and merriment start as they enter the lodge exhausted from the difficult and long fight. Cicero places the collected intelligence items and they begin the process of deducing the meaning of the items, trying to figure out if there is a larger plan or if a more dangerous foe is behind the whole thing. The celebrating and congratulating is cut short when the sinister looking objects they collected start to glow and resonate, eventually creating a portal that summons a member of House Telvanni, long thought dead, Malvern Telvanni. She steps through the portal angered that she’d been summoned.
Nara is near tansforming and is snarling and growling at the visitor, who simply taps the tip of her staff and sends Nara flying into the wall, knocking her unconscious instantly. Cicero and Indyna continue to try with no success, to chase Malvern away, but the Lich was just too powerful for only two people to handle. Satisfied that the insects were taught a lesson; Malvern strikes the counter she’s standing on with the base of her staff, sending out a shockwave of sound which throws everyone to the ground and then disapperates from the lodge the trinkets and Nara’s old cup dissolving into nothingness…