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Name: S'Rasin
Nickname: Raisin (in Cyrodiilic)
Race: Cathay Khajiit
Sex: Male
Age: 40+
Affiliation: Fighters Guild


S'Rasin was born to a reasonably well-off family of merchants and craftsmen living in Rawl'Kha. Even as a small cub, he was always the first to sense any danger and to stand up and protect his siblings, like a watchdog. It felt as if anybody wanting to hurt those dear to him had always faceplanted a shield. The word "shield", or "Rasin" in Ta'agra actually sounded like a fitting name to his parents and S'Rasin saw no need to change it when he reached adulthood.

He joined the Fighters Guild more than twenty summers ago and has been fighting monsters, bandits and other scum since then. He always thinks all the available contracts through before making a choice and he would strongly refuse to be called an ordinary blade for hire, not giving a damn whose blood said blade sheds as long as the pay is good enough. He is proud of his membership in the guild and believes in the nobility of its principles. S'Rasin eventually settled in Vivec City in Vvardenfell, where he took contracts for the local branch of the Fighters Guild.

When S'Rasin heard about the pandemic of Knahatean Flu, he returned home to see if he could help the family anyhow. Unfortunately, most of the family members, including relatives in Dune and Khenarti's Roost, had already fallen to the disease.

S'Rasin was only able to find his young Dagi-raht cousin Ash-Ra'shan from Dune in Rawl'kha. She told him that from the whole family she had only managed to find their little Alfiq-raht nephew Ja'Var alive. Some local family took the orphaned little cub in and took care of him until he could be reunited with Ash-Ra'shan.

Many contracts were lost or unfulfilled by the family due to the Knahatean Flu, and some of the former trading partners seeked compensation, resulting in a very, very large debt on the name of the family. Not able to find any other survivors from the family, S'Rasin and Ash-Ra'shan inherited both the property and the debts of the family, the latter, unfortunately, considerably larger than the value of the former. They had to sell the estates owned by the family and even to pool their own savings together to cover the rest of the debts to clear the family name.

They are now left with little option but to reform the family from scratch and work harder than ever to slowly earn enough money to rebuy the family estates, one by one, as restoring the family name and glory is the honourable thing to do. All three of them moved back to Vivec City, planning to travel around Tamriel together, never losing hope that some family members may have survived in isolation and may simply have lost contact with their homeland. For now, S'Rasin finds what comfort he can in the company of his cousin and nephew and enjoys the views in the city, before setting of for the journey together:


As for his nickname "Raisin", that is Ash-Ra'shan's doing. One day, while discussing some solutions to their financial situation, to lighten up the grim atmosphere a bit, she suddenly smiled at him, poked his scarred and wrinkled cheek and jokingly called him "raisin" in Cyrodiilic, instead of his name in Ta'agra. Mind, that it may not be the wisest thing to call him that, unless one is Ash-Ra'shan or Ja'Var, of course.

OOC information:

This is my main character, an Aldmeri Dominion Khajiit Templar. IC he is of the Fighters Guild, therefore, he is neutral. Morrowind was my first zone and I love it there, so my characters shall call it home for now. I own the Inn room there too, my only homestead, hopefully not for too long, though. I also need to make some more and better screenshots. I had to work with what I had.