Jenassa Lythandas
Female | Dunmer
Gay | Sorcerer | EP
23 | 5'4 | 115 lbs
Worships the Tribunal
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Intro/History: Her name is Jenassa Lythandas, who was born under the great Hlaalu house in the year of 2E 560 on the 21st of the First Seed. Growing up with her parents as traders, who always sought to get as much coin as possible without caring for others' races or living situations and tried to take advantage of everyone, including those within the family, Jenassa had to grow up without much love within her close family. Her childhood took place all over Morrowind, with her parents moving from Balmora to Mournhold to Kragenmoor. Born in Balmora and growing up there until she was about six years old, Jenassa had some roots set up there - friends, training from Master Drenim (Telvanni mage) who realized early on that she'd been talented in using spells, but needed help honing it, and her parents seemed pretty happy back then. But that didn't last forever, of course.

After her sixth birthday passed, her parents suddenly told their daughter that it was time to pack up and go to Mournhold. She'd pulled a big tantrum and made it very obvious she was upset, but they were very clear that it was time to move. They were so much in a rush, she didn't even get to say goodbye to the Telvanni wizard or all of her friends. (Note: Neria and Mils Lerano were one of her closest friends before she moved. Going back in Balmora and helping them out with their father many years later, Jenassa was incredibly saddened and shocked that they didn't recognize her and what the mage did to their father.) Mournhold was a much bigger city with so many people that it was overwhelming for her. Her parents weren't nearly as happy, either. When the both of them were home, there was fighting about money. Whenever only one of them were home, either they'd complain to their daughter about the other parent, or their bedroom door was locked and strange noises were happening behind it. As a kid, Jenassa did what any other kid would do - try to play outside, make some friends and have fun. The problems were only apparent at home, so all she had to do was just.. not go home. She made friends with a group of Argonian kids from the community near Almalexia's temple, and whenever she wasn't hanging out with them, she was in the temple observing and admiring Almalexia from afar. Other Dunmer kids in Mournhold found Jenassa unworthy of talking to nicely because she was friends with some Argonian kids; she didn't quite understand it and it hurt, but decided that more drama was just something she didn't need in her life after Almalexia noticed and talked to her. (Jenassa realized later it was probably just to continue spreading her reputation of being like a loving mother, but the advice that was given to her still struck a chord with her for the rest of her life.)

While her skills continued growing, so did the problems at home. There was no talking anymore, nor were there any arguments. No friendly talks either, but once in awhile she'd hear muffled screams in her parent's bedroom. The door would always be locked, so she could never tell what was happening. While playing out with some of the Argonian kids one day, one particularly scraggly kid named Trips-Over-Rocks admitted he'd been hearing rumors about her parents around town. She dismissed them, but they were concerning to say the least.. there were rumors that not only did Jenassa's parents own slaves, but everytime one would go in their house they'd never come out. A few days later, though, she asked them if they had a lockpick so she could "show them the truth". What happened next changed her life forever.

Once the door was open, it was clear that there was some sort of summoning circle on the ground. Dried up blood covered the ground around it, and some bones were half-heartedly hidden. Jenassa vomited from the smell, terrified and really had no idea what to do or think - especially when in that moment, her parents walked in, enraged that people found out what they were up to. They both took out some very sharp looking daggers, and Jenassa pulled Trips-Over-Rocks towards the window to make sure he wouldn't trip on the bones. They were both crying, terrified as they climbed up the window as fast as they could. "Mom, dad, stop!" Jenassa cried out as Trips-Over-Rocks climbed up before her and held his hand out to push her up. With a cut on the ankle, Jenassa made it out of the house relatively unharmed. Her life would never be the same, however. Trips-Over-Rocks and Jenassa went to the first guard they saw, afraid for their lives, and told them what had happened. Jenassa never saw her parents again, but Trips-Over-Rocks sent her a letter a few weeks later after she'd moved to Kragenmoor about what was going on. Turns out her parents had become Molag Bal worshippers, and the rumors were true.

After the incident, the government of Mournhold told Jenassa that they didn't have a place for her as an orphan in the city; the house was better off being cleaned up and resold to another family. They offered her an inheritance but told her it was best to go to Kragenmoor where she could start anew without a terrible reputation due to her parents. Jenassa had no choice but to accept - saying goodbye to Trips-Over-Rocks and her other friends, she bought a Skyfire Guar for sale with her money named Gemscale (later renamed Chubbyscales) and made her way to Kragenmoor as a traumatized 13 year old.

With the rest of her money, she bought Kragenhome - a modest home in a not so good neighborhood, but the people around treated her like family. She'd been through a lot, and they understood and took pity on her; they were there so she didn't have to become a thief or a beggar for food and money. At this point, they were her only family. Her talents with spells were very honed at this point, and that was what she used to survive. Her life continued like this until she made up enough money to go to Vvardenfell, but it took a turn. (start of ESO begins here)

Personality: Unlike most Dunmer, Jenassa doesn't believe that her race is superior to others. She clearly believes her people are good people, just like Argonians, but some people are just inherently bad. That's not to say she's perfect, though.. She doesn't think good or badly of slavery as it has always been the norm where she's lived.

A friendly, humble yet easily embarrassed and shy girl, Jenassa is rather timid and very protective. She tries hard to look pretty because she knows just how important appearances are. She can be quick to anger due to her protectiveness, and has no idea how to project it in a healthy way. It's like dealing with a ticking time bomb. Although she's very considerate, she often has a hard time doing things for others if it doesn't benefit herself as well (thanks to being raised by selfish Hlaalu traders.) Despite that, she tries hard to be patient for others even if sometimes she can be very impulsive/rash. wip