This is my first time RPing and my first backstory, all tips and advice is welcome!

2E 482 - Jimzer was born in a family strongly allied to House Telvanni. At a young age it became clear that Jimzer had strong magical capabilities. He was therefore send to study under a Telvanni Magister and had to abandon his family home. His youth was rough, instead of teaching the young Jimzer in the ways of magic his Magister used Jimzer for unimportant tasks that a slave couldn’t be trusted with. Like a true Telvanni, Jimzer knew he had to make his own success and started to secretly study at night and whenever his master wasn’t around.

2E 530 - At a later age he couldn’t hide his magical powers from his master anymore. Jimzer had become interested in Dwemer artifacts and started venturing into Dwemer ruins. His master caught him one day and called Jimzer to his chambers. Jimzer was handed a stack of books by his master, “Learn these and I might consider promoting you to be my mouth in the council”. Little did Jimzer know that this would be his last promotion in a very long time.

2E 565 - His master was getting old and began seeing Jimzer as a threat. Jimzer’s powers grew immensely since he was allowed to study in the open and didn’t have to hide it anymore, At this rate it wouldn’t be much longer until he was able to challenge his masters power. A great opportunity for his master would soon present itself however.

2E 572 - The Akaviri fleet was sailing past the Telvanni Isles and Jimzer’s master saw this as an opportunity to get rid of JImzer, at least for the time being. He sent Jimzer to keep track of the fleets activities and report them back to the Telvanni council. The fleet passed the Telvanni Isles and left Vvardenfell untouched, instead it entered the mounth of the White River and dropped anchor just of shore. Having no love for the Nords Jimzer decided not to warn Windhelm of the coming threat and started packing for his trip back to mainland Morrowind. While crossing the border Jimzer was captured by an Akaviri scouting party and ended up in a prison camp in the Velothi mountains. Here Jimzer was tortured with strange Akaviri magic. The torture resulted in a partial loss of his magical powers and his body began to age more rapidly. (See prison camp escape scene for further details).

After the fall of Windhelm the camp had to move, which meant getting rid of the prisoners. An alliance had formed between some of the prisoners with Jimzer functioning as a key person in the escape plan. A rebellion of prisoners managed to overcome the guard force and fled south towards Riften to join up with the remaining Nord forces. Despite having no love for the Nords and Argonians, Jimzer formed a band with the other two rebel leaders and when the Ebonheart pact was formed they continued to fight alongside each other.

2E 575 – Jimzer had been fighting alongside Nords and Argonians inside the Ebonheart Pact going against the wishes of the Telvanni Council to stay out of the war. After 3 years of fighting Jimzer decided to return home to port Telvannis and focus on researching the Dwemer who had always fascinated him. Jimzer’s master had however prepared for his return and convinced the council that Jimzer was in fact a Pact spy. The council expelled Jimzer from House Telvanni, confiscated all his belongings and banished him from port Telvannis. Jimzer vowed vengeance on his master and was determined to claim the position on the Telvanni council that belonged to him! He set out into the world of Tamriel to recover his powers and gather allies.

2E 580 – After a few years of traveling around Tamriel and gathering strength, Jimzer decided to return to Vvardenfell and appeal the council. His master wouldn’t hear of it but with some bribing Jimzer managed restore some of his influence within House Telvanni. He still wasn’t allowed to return to his birthplace but his powers could aid in spreading Telvanni influence on the island of Vvardenfell.

2E 583 - Jimzer has restored his position within House Telvanni and managed to climb further up the ranks, despite heavy protest from his old master. He even managed to grow his own tower on Azura’s coast and gain influence within the House politics. When the time is right he will return to Port Telvanni and claim what is rightfully his.

Prison camp escape scene:
The fleet passed the Telvanni Isles and left Vvardenfell untouched, instead it entered the mounth of the White River and dropped anchor just of shore. Having no love for the Nords Jimzer decided not to warn Windhelm of the coming threat and started packing for his trip back to mainland morrowind. Unknown to Jimzer, Akaviri scouting parties were already keeping a close watch on the Skyrim-Morrowind border. Jimzer was caputured by such an Akaviri scouting party and transferred to a secret camp in the Velothi Mountains where he was tortured for information. On the 2nd of last Seed Jimzer could see smoke rising from across the White river, the invasion had begun. Jimzer had endured the torture thus far but the strange magic the Akaviri used began showing its effect on Jimzer’s body. His hair was turning grey and his skin stared to wrinkle. Even though Jimzer wasn’t that old for a Mer he was starting to look like his masters age. That wasn’t the only problem, somehow they were draining his magical powers. He felt weaker then he used to be had a feeling that the damage was permanent.

Five days after the smoke plumes were seen rising above Windhelm Jimzer overheard a drunk soldier talking about how they drove back the Nords and Windhelm was theirs. “Hah, I thought these filthy barbarians could at least hold their precious city for more than a week, what a disappointment.” He told himself. A strong fist to the back of his head followed, “Don’t talk about my brothers like that!” a bulky looking Nord said. “Urrghhh, did I say that out loud?: Jimzer said, “ I didn’t know you barbarians could even understand proper language” Before the Nord could find his target again Jimzer, raised a small ward in front of him. “You little coward!” the Nord shouted while he was thrown back because of the force of him hitting the ward. “Quiet in there!” one of the guards shouted, “Or you’ll be next!”. The cage quieted down and night fell.

“Why are you still in here?” a voice in the darkness asked him. “Hhmm, what? Show yourself slave! I can hear you’re an Argonian!” Jimzer replied. “You aren’t great at making friends now are you?” the voice answered, “I’m no slave, never will be, Sithis won’t allow it.”. “Sithis? You’re a shadowscale?” Jimzer said. “Aaahh, magical capabilities and knowledge” the Argonian answered, ”Again I ask you, why are you still here, your powers could easily get you out of this cage”. “And then what? Fight of the entire camp by myself, show yourself fetcher!”. Two glowing eyes opened in the darkness, “I’m Sleeps in Fights and you need to watch your words my friend”. “Will you two shut up! I’m trying to get some rest here! Or do you need another fist to the head? The Nord Shouted. “Aarrgghh I’m awake now, someone is going to pay for this and Elves are easier to hit then lizards!”. “Calm down our strong bulky friend, we already have enough enemies on the outside of these cages” Sleeps answered. “Hmmppff, why does Torvur have to be stuck in here with you two, the rest is nice and quiet.” the Nord said. A flash of light jumped around the corner, “Shut up prisoners! Or I’ll shut you up now instead of tomorrow!”. The guard pulled a large piece of cloth over the cage.

As the sun stared to rise Jimzer saw that he could no longer see what was happening in the camp but it sounded like there was a lot going on. “We need to move” Sleeps whispered in his ear. “You fetcher! Don’t scare me like that!” Jimzer shouted. “Shhttt, keep your voice down, we don’t have much time” Sleeps replied, “Didn’t you hear what the guard said last night? Now instead of tomorrow, they are moving the camp and are getting rid of us!”. “You’re right.” Jimzer answered. He felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, in response Jimzer immediately casted a ward, Torvur was thrown around the cage for the second time. “ You milkdrinker! What was that for! I wanted to offer my help and that of my fellow Nords! Even if it means I have to offer it to an Elf, it is better than dying in here!” Torvur shouted. “Old habits?” Jimzer said while trying to contain his laugh.

“This might work.” Sleeps said, “With the Nords we have the manpower on our side to overwhelm the guards. I’ll rally the remaining Argonians from our expedition, Trovur you rally the Nords.”. Jimzur had looked around the cages for signs any other Dunmer when he arrived at the camp. He was the alone, they killed his guards when they captured him. The Redoran were holding their forces back on the other side of the mountains hoping the Akaviri would leave Morrowind alone, so no other Dunmer prisoners were there. “Well then I’ll just sit back and enjoy the view? No Dunmer to rally for me” Jimzer replied. “Don’t be a smartass, we need you to create a distraction, you can light the Akaviri tents on fire from a distance. Once You’ve done that my shadowscales will pick the locks and we’ll all burst out of these cages.” Sleeps said. “I can’t believe I’m working together with you S’wit” Jimzer thought out loud.

Suddenly the large piece of cloth was pulled down from the cage, “What is going on over here? Making friends are we? Don’t think it will…” Before the guard could finish his sentence a sharpened stone pierced his neck, holding it is Sleeps in Fights. “Now, now, move! Light the fires Jimzer” he shouted. Jimzer started casting his spells while the shadowscales picked the locks. “Brothers, head for the weapon tent as fast as possible!” Torvur ordered. Panic stared to take over the camp, the Akaviri were in the process of tearing down their tents and thus some got trapped when the fires ignited. The camp was half empty already and Sleeps had noticed this. “We outnumber them! Shadowscales, cut them off and secure the weapon depots!” he shouted.

The Akaviri clearly weren’t expecting a rebellion and started fleeing into the mountains. “I don’t think so” Jimzer again thought out loud while he shot a ball of energy towards the small passage the Akaviri were fleeing through. “Hah, You missed you Milkdrinker! Even my mother has a better aim then that!” Torvur said while laughing at Jimzur. “Look again Nord.” Jimzer said while pointing toward a large rock on top of the passage. With thundering force the ball hit the rock and stones began plummeting down towards the fleeing soldiers. “Meh pure luck, a true warrior faces their enemy in hand to hand combat..” Torvur sputtered while walking away. “Victory is ours!” Sleeps shouted “We will live another day!”.

Once the fighting had quieted down Jimzer, Sleeps and Torvur held a meeting near the collapsed passage. “Well thanks to your perfect aim Elf our northern escape will take a few days to clear, so no chasing the Akaviri. Luckily I know a way down south side where we can scale the mountain. My fellow Nords and I will join the rest of our forces in south near Riften. You are welcome to tag along, I’ll even treat you to some great Nordic mead!.” Torvur said.