Full name: Duach of Rootfang, to Bretons known as Franklin Ice-Eyed (identity cover while he was trying to have a normal life that he gave up later to reunite with his people)
Physical Properties:
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 135 kg
Age: 39
- Large brawny, mud markings over his body and Tribal Briar tattoo on his face, tall for a reachman
- semi-wide jaw, short wide chin
- A very short stubble
- Buzzcut dark blonde hair and icy-piercing eyes
- Has medium deep but smooth voice
- Long scar on his back, scar on his left cheek and over his tip of the nose down to his lips and across them

Origin: Northern Reach

Family: Reach Mage Aeleg (Mother), Reach Warrior Igvenuc (Faher), both dead,
Uaewa (Adult Daughter), Uamruud (15 years old son), Aedwig (Wife, dead)

Profession: Chief-Shaman of tribe Rootreach
Religion: Hircine, Horkkibeg, aspect of hircine

- Exceptional nature/hedge mage/ritualist, trained also with sword, spear and shield. Like most of his tribe, strong unarmed combatant (maimly wrestling type)
(His usage of nature magic is limited by his worship)
- Survivalist
- Some good training with spear and sword
- As a ritualist, good knowledge of Mysticism
- No bow, illusion, destruction alteration or other schools skills, btu many of magic schools can be emulated with nature magic, to some degree.

'BloodBrother': Snow bear "Tuethag" (equal member of his family)
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World views:
- Has 0 patience for Bretons and Nords, mainly nobles, admires Redguard Sword techniques but just as an observer
- Has mixed feelings about orcs, sees them as both enemies... and allies from the past.
- Sees most mer as strange outsiders, puzzled by their ways
- Leovic should have taken more time and considerations to his actions as Emperor

- Open mouth eating... the sound drives him mad.
- Harpies, kill them on sight!
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