Name: Aldanya Larethbinder of Alinor
Race: Altmer
Age: 70
Gender: female
height: 220cm
Birthday and birthsign: 13th Frostfall, The Tower
Place of Birth:Alinor, Summerset Isles
General Health: Strong and bulky

Armor: medium and heavy
Primary Weapon of Choice: great sword, battle axe and spears
Aldanya's voice:

Aldanya has quite the colourful personality as some might say, Many at first sight might see her as a kind Altmer, as she seems to treat everyone on the a fair level, no matter the race. Though still Aldanya is an Altmer with an high ego and self-raising. She can often find herself commenting about how good she may be in certant things, from her genes to her skill in comabt. Despite thinking very highly of herself, She still an loyal and honourble mer Even more so to her family and her home.

Not too much is known about her earlier years, beside that she grew up in the family Larethbinder along with two other sister, Aldanya being the youngest of the three. Ever since her very early years on Nirn, she quickly became a well behaved child and did as she was told without questioning it. Quickly picking up her sense of duty to her family and home. Around this time she already started to take up intrest in holding an weapon in her hands instead of magic. Picking up sticks and pretending it was some sort of weapons

Once she started to age a few years, she quickly began training in the use of great sword and battle axes, along with heavy armour. Having her special teach for it and her own mother at times teaching her a few things as well when her mother could. Still being an altmer, she did learn some spells to aid her in combat.

When she reached the age of 10, Aldanya began learning history about some of the races of tamriel, along with Altmeri history. Even was thought about the diffrent daedric princes and subjects relavant to them. It was also around this age Aldanya began to learn more etiquettes and noble manners.

After this, her life has been fairly uneventful, having a good and peaceful life doing what she is doing, becoming the warrior noble she was tought to be.
Yet, at the age of 64, Aldanya got an unknown and deadly disease! Making her body weak, a lot of fevers, hallucinations and alot of nasty marks across her body. Yet what might have been the worst part, was her skin turning snow pale. Even after getting healthy again, her skin remained pale as the snow. This made Aldanya far too scared about what people would think about her now. Ending with her going into hiding on her family island for 5 years.

Yet, she would not hide forever! A few months before the decree to open the borders to Summerset Isle. She showed her face to the public once more, though a shy and stuttering mer still with her pale skin. Taking her first steps back into the outsider world.

Luckly, shortly after the decree itself, Aldanya had managed to get herself on her feet once more. Her skin seems healed, back to the very golden skin she once had and works as a justiciar to help out the people of Summerset Isle at what ever cost it may be.