House Redoran prizes the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety. Duty is to one's own honor, and to one's family and clan. Gravity is the essential seriousness of life. Life is hard, and events must be judged, endured, and reflected upon with due care and earnestness. Piety is respect for the gods, and the virtues they represent. A light, careless life is not worth living. — Great Houses of Morrowind.

<The R.E.F.> is an Ebonheart pact roleplay guild focusing on military, exploration, and political rp. We strive to spread Redoran's name and bring honor to the house with duty, gravity, and piety as our guiding lights. Do you have a sense of adventure? Find a local recruiter and enlist today! Website and discord.

All members are required to understand basic drill and combat training, offering unique opportunities to those that enlist into its corps. Divisions become available once a member reaches the rank of Expeditioner. Though the other divisions differ from the main military, they will act as reserves in times of need thus training is everything for all members of the R.E.F.


-Research & Development-

Kena Kytari Derethi leads up the Research & Development division of the R.E.F. Lady Derethi’s main focus is on the internal history of Morrowind, as well as ancient history of Tamriel. Her unit will travel beyond the borders of the Velothi Mountains to discover new Aylied & Dwemer ruins as well as unlock new secrets in existing ones.

Positions to look for: Researcher, Arms Developer, Explorer, Historian, Medic.

-The Guard-

Captain Tiron Gravyos leads the military division of the R.E.F. His main focus is to train the soldiers within House Arobar's ranks under strict standards to sow the very essence of duty and obedience into every recruit but also inspire them to greatness in battle. This unit will be charged with the protection of the other divisions as well as serving as the primary combat unit.

Positions to look for: Guard, Auxillary, Vanguard, Soldier, Scout, Trainer.

-House Arobar-

Comissioner Demiah Arobar leads this unit of the R.E.F. As the Comissioner of the Force she watches over the eb and flow of the divisions while handling politics at home or foreign. Charged with the administration, treasury, and armory of the R.E.F. those within her unit will help Lady Arobar in ensuring that everything is accounted for and organized.

Positions to look for: Treasurer, Quartermaster, Servant, Secretary.

Contact: Demiah on Enjin. @najla743 on ESO. Demiah#2829 on Discord. Or check out the site for an application below! ↓↓↓↓