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Renly Storm-Breaker {Sellsword 4 Hire}

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Ebonheart Pact
Renly Storm-Breaker
{No picture .....you have to see in ESO you lazy buggers}

Nordic Male
Strong , Foolhardy , Brave , Horny , Drunkard

Citizen of Skyrim
born in Windhelm
Provocation: Sellsword

Renly was born to a Thane .....and a Tavern Wench one stormy night in the city of Windhelm when all but the wolves could be heard...he was not named because of this though the name Storm-Breaker was his father's a Thane who could not accept Renly being his son...due to being Married already ....but Renly took the man's name Renly then never saw his father ....Renly thought he'd gone off to fight somewhere but little did he know his father was dead....killed in battle a few day's after his birth....Renly's mother sister to the Tavern Owner grew up throwing drunk guardsmen out late at night and having the odd brawl with the drunkards.....which like any Nord Renly was bound to become Renly then trained to become a guard himself after he found his true love the daughter to the Jarl .....but alas he could not marry a Jarl's daughter and was forbidden to see her again ....so Renly in all his hatred left after his training ...he liked the Sword , Axe and Shield approach a good defence is a good offence he always thought to himself .....he eventually made it to Morrowind after travelling for 4 year's and ended being recruited into the Ebonheart pact where during the siege their he was hit by a mortar .....the fire burned half of his body and was lifted off oh him by the one eyed Garrison Commander....and then on Renly knew he could not fight for a cause no longer eventually leaving but before that getting a message by courier that his mother had died Renly ended up in Skyrim burying his mother and then on travelling hoping to find some paid work....

Hey everyone i'm new here i'm Ryon froma previous RP game of thrones forum ....just go by it anyway first guy i am looking for some expierenced people on Xbox to RP with as people who hire me work with me or the like or we could go on an adventure your choice....i'm just bored and looking for something to do anyone who want's to hit me up reply to this send us your gamertag i have countless adventures already in my head and more so hit me.....up!
Posted Aug 10, 18 · OP
How much do I have to pay?
Posted Sep 23, 18