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Looking for RP

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Hi guys, this has probably been asked a lot of times but today I was the ESO EU Server looking for RP, there wasn't any so I improvised and did a solo one. I looked in the likes of the Cloudy Dregs Inn in Wayrest, Around Skywatch and also in Davons Watch too but I couldn't find anything, I would RP with my friends who play ESO but their never online when I am so here I am looking for some good fun RP. Hopefully you guys can help me out with my ordeal :d
Posted Aug 13, 18 · OP
I would suggest having a look at this website: Link

If you give me your in-game handle (tag) I'll throw you an invite to the guild as well, where you'll find it a lot easier to find public RP!
Posted Aug 13, 18
Hey man, i'm not sure how active you are but I guess this is worth a shot. While I am part of an RP Guild but it's not as active as I would have liked. Like you, I've been hunting for other RPer's in the starting areas and have been very unsuccessful. So I'd like to make an offer, and that is whether you would like to be somewhat of an RP partner. I'm new to RPing in this game since i've only recently brought the game but I'd really to to do some roleplaying to make things more unique for myself. (This is coming from someone that makes a new character on Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim every hour with a new backstory just to add the slightest bit of variety.)

If you'd like to take me up on the offer, you can contact me on here or on my discord OR to make it even more interesting, look for me on ESO ;)
I will provide my deets below, and more importantly I look forward to hearing from you.

UserID: Silenceinc1337
Discord: Papa_LingLing#8094
Posted Sep 11, 18 · Last edited Sep 11, 18