These are dark days for the Cyrodiilic Empire.

Its armies, once able to conquer most of the known world, are now unable to defend its capital, the Imperial City, let alone Cyrodiil itself.

Its once Divine blessed government now corrupted, exiled, or dead.

But a few embers of light still remain, hoping to reignite the flames of the greatest civilization Nirn has ever seen.


The Embers of the Empire is a cross-guild community hub. It is comprised of a group of RPers and RP guilds that want to RP in not just Imperial themed zones, but an Imperial culture themed community.

We maintain a website and Discord for anyone looking to be a part of or just stay in touch with this RP community.

We embrace everything from Imperial houses to Empire sympathetic Orc clans to lone wanderers.

And for those who wish to not only be part of the community, but to RP as actively striving to defend and preserve what is left of the Empire's people and culture, we have an IC alliance as well. This alliance is made up of Imperial-themed guilds who help form the unique tapestry which makes up the landscape of Imperial RP.

The alliance is by no means an attempt to “lead” or “rule” the Imperial community. Instead, it is a platform open to anyone and everyone to use.

We do not currently have an in-game hub guild, since guild slots are at a premium; instead we use our Discord and website to keep in touch!

What we offer:

  • A community focused on Imperial RP, emphasizing fun and drama-free OOC interactions.
  • Places for casual and free flowing RP as well as opportunities to become involved with organized RP events and storylines.
  • Website and Discord for use in friendly, helpful OOC communication, guild advertising, event planning and other useful things.
  • IC and OOC aid in getting new or already established RP guilds involved with the larger community.
  • An easy to access and use spot for those looking to join or interact with an established Imperial RP community.
  • And more! (TBA)


    Do I have to be the Imperial race to play an Imperial loyalist?
    No. All lore friendly races are welcome.

    Do I have to be in or join any guilds?
    No. You can use the Discord and website to keep in touch and keep track of RP and events that way.

    Do I have to be a supporter of a restored Empire?
    No. Not everyone has to be a hero striving to bring back the Empire to its former glory. You don’t even have to be a good guy. There is room in the community for thieves who are out to grab what they can in the chaos or even villains out to destroy or take over the Empire for their own ends. Just as long as they have some part to play in the in the community.

    What is the difference between the Embers of the Empire and the Embers of the Empire Alliance?
    The Embers of the Empires is an OOC community that anyone can be a part of regardless of their IC goals. The alliance is for those who share the IC goal of doing what they can to safeguard and preserve what they can of the Empire citizens and culture until the time a true Dragonborn heir can be found to claim the Ruby Throne and restore the Empire.

    If you have any other questions, please contact one of the following: