Silver and Rune: A Trivial Heist
Written by Chums

Two Whistles

Two whistles meant the guards were gone and the duo could move forward. Silently, the small being known as Rune joined up with the much larger person named Silver.

Rune had a constant limp and carried no weapons. He wore a cowl made from an old grain sack over his head and it had two eye slits for him to look through. Over his body he wore a flame red vest with black seams and buttons holding it closed. His arms were clearly his namesake as they were covered entirely in strange markings. Over his shoulders he had a backpack made from a horse's saddlebags. On his legs he wore a gray battle kilt. It was a gift from an Argonian he had met years ago, but whenever he wore it Silver always teased him and called it a dress. It wasn't a dress. It was a battle kilt. One thing was for sure about his attire though, he looked like a poorly made scarecrow.

In sharp contrast, Silver looked stunning. Her face was gold and her eyes were sea blue. Like most Altmer, she was tall and possessed the clear sense of superiority when she walked. She did not feel the need to hide her elegant face to the extent her partner always did. She mainly just kept her black hood up. Her hood, along with the entirety of her clothes were black and silver. Her outfit was made, at her request, to "look as roguish and mysterious" as possible. Rune in turn made fun of her for ordering her thieving attire. She carried a pair of matching hatchets with her, and they hung from the leather straps on her belt. She had the other half of the saddlebag-backpack slung over one of her slender shoulders.

They moved as silently as they could through the courtyard. Silver was silent, but the limp caused Rune to be a bit more clumsy. Their target was a grand, cliffside mansion at a forest clearing in Glenumbra. They had hidden their approach by use of the forest for the most part, but as they got closer the guard patrols and traps became more and more. The job had more security and INCREDIBLY higher stakes than they normally liked to deal with, but as contracted thieves, this job paid exceptionally well, and they were the best at their jobs. The mansion belonged to a horned beast with golden teeth and red eyes...

...In the mansion

Ishash, the lord of the manner sat down to his dinner. He had smelled it earlier and was excited to feast. His forked tongue licked over his lips twice and he produced a knife from inside his sleeve. He cut into the meat and let out a sigh of pleasure when it bled. He always told his chef to serve his food rare, and this food was extremely rare. If only it would stop crying though, He thought as he took a succulent bite.

When Ishash finished his dinner he retired to his bedroom and opened his bedside drawer. From within it he gather a strange looking gold amulet. Calling it gold was not entirely true though, it was made of every precious material known. It was heavy as he put it around his neck and closed the clasp. He grinned, golden fangs showed as he sat on his bed. The amulet glowed an ominous looking purple color and Ishash fell asleep, into his dream world where he ruled supreme and it was only a matter of time until he made his lucid dreams a reality...

...Silver and Rune were able to make it into the mansion. It was a tedious process that took a lot of time, but they had another problem to face once they entered. Two guards were standing vigil at the door of a long hallway. They weren't going to move so Silver looked to Rune and signaled with her hand. Rune read her sign and nodded to himself.

The masked thief waved his hands in a series of motions. A series of the markings on his arms lit up for a moment and then Rune disappeared from sight. The invisible Rune stepped into the hallway and approached the guards. When he got to them, Rune limped as silently as he could and stepped behind one. It was unable to be seen, but Rune waved his hands again and his right hand became harder than stone. The problem was that he could only use one of his powers at a time, so as soon as he finished activating his iron fist, he became visible again.

His hand connected in a heavy punch to the back of the first guard's head. The man collapsed like a bag of bricks, but the second guard wheeled on Rune with the speed of feral cat. The guard's fist met Rune's face and knocked him off of his feet. Rune grunted in pain, the sack over his head having shifted to where he couldn't see. When Rune had repositioned his disguise, Silver had already disposed of the man.

"Couldn't of done that a bit faster?" Rune asked, pushing himself up and wincing in pain. He knew he had gotten punched pretty well, and there would for sure be a black eye there in a couple of days. "Bastard packed a shot..."

"Don't whine," Silver said to him, "You're fine."

"Yeah, pardon me for not having ultimate strength and a body made out of metal." He said in reference to her special ability. He looked down at the two guards. There was a chance that they weren't dead so Rune began to tie them up. When he finished he looked up at Silver, "Help me move them?"

"We'll be gone before they wake. Besides, we are quite close to our goal. The amulet is only a few rooms away," She said, sounding unconcerned. It was her upbringing showing. She always spoke to others like they were beneath her. Rune had gotten used to it and accepted her regardless, but to others she sounded like a stuck up princess.

"Better safe than sorry," Rune insisted. When Silver finally gave in and helped, they made quick work of hiding the guards in an adjacent room. When they finished they continued onward.

They had little resistance from other guards. The security was significantly less inside than it was outside. As they worked through the rooms they came to what seemed like a dining room, and the stench of death that both Silver and Rune knew all too well, hit them from the grand table. It was a large table made as if to sit fifty beings, but only one chair resided at its center. In a shock, Silver nearly threw up when she saw what was on the table.

It was a man chained down. He appeared to have been eaten alive.

"Gods have mercy," Rune said softly, "What are we dealing with...." added, more to himself than to Silver.

Silver's normally golden face was pale, "I want to get out of this room. Right now."

"Don't need to tell me twice," The two left the dining room, but each had a feeling of uneasiness looming over them as they continued.

The duo came to a grand door. They knew that this was the bedroom. There were no guards around, but they figured at that point the security in this place was more to keep people from the beast within. With a gentle touch, Silver began to crack open the large door with ease due to her strength. They both poked their heads in and looked inside.

A beast lie asleep on the massive bed. The creature was not overly large, but it looked as if it were created by hellish gods. Even asleep its eyes glowed. Its fangs were the size of Rune's middle finger. It's strong legs were fur covered and it had hooves like a war horse. The monster's claws were like daggers. The only clothes it wore was a long white cloak with speckles of blood on the sleeves, no doubt from its dinner.
Silver and Rune were most interested in the relic around its neck.

The Amulet of Doom, is what their employer had called it. It was an ancient device that created reality from dreams. If it had fallen into the wrong hands it was a device that could bring in a new era of what the world and the realm was. It had fallen into the wrong hands. It was glowing purple which meant the creature did not know how to use it to its full extent. When purple it would just grant lucid dreams and rejuvenate anyone of injuries or illnesses.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Silver and Rune entered the room. They walked over to where the beast slept heavily and Silver reached into her bag. She pulled out a necklace of sea shells and arrowheads and handed it to Rune. Rune took it and crept as close as he dared to the beast. He waved his hands in his power summoning manner and then held the necklace in his right hand. A few of his markings glowed and seemed to move about the visible parts of his body. He then reached to the monster's neck and touched the amulet. As soon as he made contact with it, the items switched places.

Rune had not expected the amulet to be so heavy and it fell from his hand to the stone floor. It landed with a thud and that was enough to wake the monster up. It looked at the intruders in confusion for a moment and then growled, moving faster than the eye could see it went to slash Rune with a clawed hand.

The only thing between the small man and death was Silver who anticipated the attack. The claws tore through her outfit but bounced off of her skin. She looked down at her torso to where the monster had slashed and frowned, "I paid good gold for this!" She swung at him with one of her hatchets.

The blow was fast and hard, the beast had to duck under it and then he howled in pain as the hatchet cleaved off one of his horns. He counter attacked in rage and launched onto the tall Altmer. He clawed and scratched at her. He was relentless and he could tell Silver was only able to maintain her iron skin for a short amount of time.

"Godkiller" Rune called out. Silver hated having to do this, but she felt herself weakening. She was handle to get a hand on the demon and she held him tight, there was no escaping her grip. Rune waved a few times and his eyes along with all of his markings glowed to life. From both of his hands literal blue bolts of lightening came. Though she was impervious to most things when she used her ultimate defense, Rune's Godkiller was his most powerful of techniques. The downside was that they were incredibly loud and Rune did not have the energy to use it more than once a day. Security would be on them within minutes regardless with their leader's struggling, but this way the thieves finished things quickly.

Damn they sting though, Silver thought as she felt her muscles lock up with the bolts going through her. The monster on the other hand stood no chance of surviving the attack. Godkiller, Rune's ultimate technique had lived up to its name and nothing he's used it on before had survived, besides Silver that is. Silver possessed the ultimate defense, Rune possessed the ultimate attack. They worked well together.

The creature was no exception to Godkiller, he whimpered and cried out. Rune normally felt bad about killing blows, but this was different. He remembered what he saw in the dining room and he took pride in killing this creature. It did not deserve life for its actions.

When it was all over, Silver dropped the lifeless corpse and had to take a few deep breaths to recover herself. Rune sighed heavily, "We need to get going. You going to be ok?" He asked, concerned for his partner.

Silver grinned, "Yeah... I think you made that attack more powerful.." She said, panting, surprisingly she always sounded more humble and compassionate when tired or worn out.

"My bad. I'll buy the drinks tonight." He heard the footsteps of guards running down the halls and frowned, "Can you carry the amulet... It's too heavy for me."

"Weakling." Silver teased, "I got it," she picked up the amulet and marveled at its weight, it was heavy even to her. She pointed to the window, "We better get going."

They broke the window and disappeared down the cliffside just as the guards arrived at the room.