▐║❝ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ I AM THE ONE KNOWN AS... ❞

▌__"Arethusa". That is what many of the dwellers of Nirn have taken to calling me when they believe I am not listening. I am not bothered by this. In fact, I have grown what Kerubiel tells me is a feeling of "fondness" for the moniker. It is the only name I have known in my short existence, and I wish not to part with it. When conceived by the Mnemoli and assigned my task, it was not deemed necessary that this entity, now Arethusa, be given a name. They reasoned, "For what purpose do we give name to that which will soon cease to exist?" But now, I must curb my tongue, lest I risk ripples in the flow of the canticle wherein lies my tale. As with every well versed song, care must be given to the whispering prelude before one thinks to grasp and take hold of the staggering crescendo. And so, I begin.

▐║❝ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ THE PRELUDE... ❞

▌__Well known on Nirn are the beings whom you call Aedra and Daedra in the elven tongue. But not always were they referred to as such. These beings are Et'ada, the creations of Anu and Padomay, the primordial deities. When the trickster Et'ada, Lorkhan, devised the plans for Mundus and sought out the Et'ada for their assistance, he neglected to mention that the creation of such a plane would consume not only the bodies, but much of the power of the Et'ada who would eventually take part in its creation.

In the beginning and even now, there were three groups of Et'ada. The Deadra, who initially refused to partake in the creation of Mundus and therefore lost no power, the Magna Ge led by Magnus who were Et'ada who contributed some but fled when they found out the truth of the cost, and the Aedra, the Et'ada who even after learning of the true cost, decided to sacrifice their bodies for creation's sake. The Aedra then were split into two groups: The first being who mer now refer to as the Eight Divines who gave their entire bodies to create Mundus, and the second being the Elnohfey, or rather the Earth Bones, who settled on Mundus and gave life to all creation. They bred amongst themselves, each generation losing more divinity and eventually leading to the races we have today.

▐║❝ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ THE CRESCENDO... ❞

▌__When you look up into the dark abyss blanketing the night sky, what is it that you see, listener? The sun and the stars seen in the sky from Nirn are in fact holes, punctured by the Magna Ge when they fled to Aetherius--the sun of course being the largest hole, punched in by Magnus himself. To this day, the Magna Ge, also known as the children of Magnus, reside in Aetherius, the realm of realms wholly made up of ethereal light and magicka. It is this magicka and light which flows into Mundus thanks to the holes created by the fleeing Magna Ge.

Within the Magna Ge, tasked specifically with writing the Elder Scrolls and thereby deciding how history will play out is a group known as the Mnemoli. They collect the "songs" created by the music of Nirn and shape them into realities, distributing these realities in the elder scrolls as possible realities. It is here that my own story begins. After a millennia of following through with the task given them, the Mnemoli thought to try their hand at something new--creation. And thus was I "born", neither mer not Et'ada but something else entirely. A simple and naive creature tasked with doing what the Mnemoli no longer wished to; mingling among men to learn the melodies of their tales. To aide in my duties, I was assigned the guide Kerubiel, whom himself is no more than a lesser being, albeit one of considerably more advanced age and wisdom than myself. It is a wonder then that he deigns to hide his form under the guise of a mere canine...

Ah, but for now, this song tapers off. I must continue with my chronicles so that I might report to those that made me. This is my purpose in life. This is the song of Arethusa.

▐║❝ ▬▬▬▬▬▬ MORE INFO... ❞

▌__Arethusa has no special abilities nor a connection with the Aetherius plane. Indeed, she only knows of the task given her because it is what she was told via her guide. Instead, she spends her time observing others, and writing down what it is she sees. She knows no immortality and is not discernable from your ordinary mer by any means.