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[EU] Looking for RP companion.

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Alright so this is more or less an open invitation so anyone can respond to this. There is no real requirements.

Before I start, I've only recently brought the game, so my main is a level 20 Argonian, but I often make new characters to experience the game as different races. I'm not new to the idea of roleplaying, but I am new to RPing in ESO.
I've attempted to find other RPer's in the many starting area's (It's a cliche but I've been in MANY taverns) but i've been met with failure every time. I'm also part of an RP guild but it's not as RP active as I would like it to be.

So I'm simply asking this: I'm looking for someone to RP with. You can be of any race, any faction, just as long as you're active.
And who knows, we could become friends both IC and OOC.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Posted Sep 11, 18 · OP
Aldmeri Dominion

It is difficult to find RP out in the open world without a guild because of sharding and because a lot of RP happens in player housing. You should join some of the OOC RP hub guilds to keep in contact with other RP-ers and to be informed of when and where RP happens.

These are the active hub guilds I am aware of:
Aldmeri Dominion RP
Clans of Skyrim
Cyrodilic Census
Greenheart (Bosmer village RP)
Stormhaven RP, which is the biggest hub on EU
Vvardenfell RP

Good luck!
Posted Sep 12, 18 · Last edited Sep 12, 18
^ What Catowlo said.
The ooc hub events happen very often and it is an easy way to get started. Also, to know which rp housing hubs are open and when as some have almost constant RP :)
I am happy to show you the ropes, if you wish!
Varvesa Viras - looking for connections/plots/friends and foes!
Posted Sep 13, 18
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