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Neutral Breton [PC - NA] Aedy Devereux

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"I want to be on fire, to be alive. To be light and magic.

"Aedy Devereux of Wayrest, Paladin of the Divine Conclave, Journeywoman of the Chosen, Magister, Cleric on the Path of the Mage, Acolyte of True Path, Curate of Mara."

NameAedy Devereux
Age23 (24th Morning Star)
MotivationsShe lived her life somewhat sheltered until everything fell apart for her. She wants to figure out where she fits and is very motivated to discover her destiny. She always longed for more when she was safe at home in Wayrest, and now that she's lost that sense of safety, she seeks her true calling with everything she has. She finds strength in her sense of belonging within the Conclave and it gives her hope.
ReligionAedy used to spend her free time at the Temple in Wayrest as a girl. She learned there about the Eight, and has a special affinity for Mara. She also prays to Stendarr, in hopes to further purify herself for the Divines work.

Face and HairLight green eyes and light complexion. Her hands and skin are soft as she is unused to physical work. Her hair is light blonde and she keeps it wrapped in a braid around her head. Tendrils around her ears stubbornly refuse to cooperate and often get in her face. She wears her hair loose when she isn't traveling or at work.
BuildMedium height, slim, delicate with very little muscle. She bears the angry scar of a werewolf bite on her left shoulder. The pain in it sometimes flares and she has a weakness in that arm. Her tattoos lightly scroll down her arms.
Trinkets and JewelryShe wears her medallion and a flower in her hair. She wears a silver bracelet on her right wrist.
Contents of Her BagShe carries her journal, her Guide to the Divines, food and water, bandages, and salves.

Artwork by shibashake
TalentsAedy is a gifted healer, and able to call upon the aedric light to protect herself and others. Viewing magicka as a gift from the Divines, she interweaves prayer with her spellcasting. She likes to weave and sews when she can.
StrengthsHer attempt to see the good in others makes Aedy quite gifted in some aspects of diplomacy and mediation. She is good at implementing and expanding upon the ideas of others. In times of crisis, she can be dedicated and methodical in order to achieve her goals, often to the surprise of herself and others./td]
ChallengesAedy came to the Conclave young, naive, and idealistic. She doubted herself often, refusing to see herself as a leader, and lacked the decision making skills and confidence to lead effectively. However, due to the events she endured during her Paladin quest, she is quite changed. She is surer of her purpose and her value within the Conclave. She can be a quiet motivator and encourager and can influence others in their own decision making. She will often assume others' motivations are pure when they are not, especially if they claim alliance with the Divines.
PassionThough she dislikes conflict, she loves to see conflict resolved, and commits herself to that aim.

BackgroundAedy escaped from a very difficult family situation in Wayrest. With no family or funding of her own to anchor her in Wayrest, she currently lives within the Bastion.
Current SituationAedy is a Paladin at the Divine Conclave, and has no other place to call home. She is a follower of the True Path, a Mage Cleric, and a Magister. She is currently studying the origins and nature of magicka and it's relation to the Divines.
Factions and LoyaltiesAedy is a citizen of Wayrest, however, her family has fallen from favor among their noble friends. Her family is not noble, rather, her father ran a very successful trading company that allowed the family to earn a name for themselves. She briefly aided the soldiers in the Daggerfall covenant, but only to aid the wounded. She's given up her loyalty to the covenant to more universally serve the divines.
Prejudices and EnemiesShe has a difficult time trusting the ostentatiously wealthy, or anyone involved in shrewd business. She hates gambling and feels sorry for those who drink too much. She only trusts the Eight, and will not consider any other gods. Extremely wary of werewolves.
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There's something familiar about this character...

A+ for werewolf-hating followers of the Divines though!
Posted Sep 13, 18
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Aldmeri Dominion
Gold Coast
Some very lovely character art here and a unique character as well. Now excuse me while I slowly go hide my Werelion.
Posted Sep 13, 18