On the outside, the Nirnhoned are a simple, merry band of adventurers that tackle mercenary missions and are active traders. They mount monster heads in the guild hall and host parties and events! However, the core of the Nirnhoned isn't as inviting. Only for those who are willing to have parts of their existence removed from this world, the Guildmaster offers an different kind of challenge: deadly forays into Nirn where one will face death, danger, and discovery. Volatile anomalies litter the world, threatening chaos and destruction. The Nirnhoned secure these anomalies and stow them away, far from the careless hands of Nirn's many bumbling adventurers. Recent developments have allowed the inner team to move operations from a pocket realm of Oblivion to the Clockwork City, where Sotha Sil can watch and study these captured relics, possibly finding ways to destroy or render them inert.

OOC/Real Stuff
The Nirnhoned do permit lycanthropes and vampire characters into their relic-hunting ranks, provided they can control their urges. Act up and you'll have to be put down. We also follow the 'roleplay first, invite after' rule, meaning you message an officer, you roleplay, and then we invite you to the guild. The circumstances could really be anything, but being able to display your talents or abilities is key.

Large scale events usually happen during the weekend and smaller events occurring during the week. These events are basically split into two categories, Mercenary and Anomaly missions. All will involve RP. The distinction basically decides whether you will follow certain guidelines, which I'll get into later.

As for the PvE and PvP aspects of the guild, they are still in progress. I've been playing for a good while and love getting newer or confused players to enjoy the gameplay of ESO as much as the roleplaying. Currently I have PvE events as mini-events, where a team may run through an Undaunted Pledge or maybe a Delve.

The Nirnhoned is a small guild. Very small, as of the making of this post. Currently those in the guild are trusted friends, picked with the intention of giving the guild a solid foundation. As such, they share some of the guildmaster's humor and are very memey. Rules are very lax at the moment because we are a tight-knit group, but don't push your luck. If you have to ask if it's okay, chances are you probably shouldn't do it. Since we will change and develop as we grow, expect this post to change over time.

The Nirnhoned are cool about working with others, and would like to make connections to other guild to increase their influence. If you know a guild that would be happy to cooperate, talk to an officer!

I run this guild with the help of a close friend, but he and I are currently in school, which means that we aren't as active. Rest assured, we will be doing our best for the guild, in ESO and out of it.

Currently, guild RP is freeform, largely due to the lack of interest in rolling. Realistically, the Nirnhoned are a powerful group of individuals. During guild missions, you will be able to flex your prowess against the many deadly enemies you will face. However, they are as effective against you as you are against them. Guild missions will contain injury. Depending on how deadly the mission is, there will be options for severe injuries or even character death(with consent, of course). In casual, open world RP, you will need to tone down your character, regardless of how strong they are. Mainly, this is because it's fair, and secondly because no one likes a powergamer. You can even emote that your character is holding back if so desired.

For Anomaly missions, your character must cover their face and go by an alias. There's no doubt that many sinister syndicates would love to get a hand on the very powerful relics that the Nirnhoned have retrieved. Should an enemy party figure out who you are, Nirn itself could be at stake.

The Nirnhoned will also present several opportunities for morally gray and even downright evil characters. These characters can be introduced as part of the guild, at an event, or whatever. But try to keep it a surprise. If you want to introduce an enemy, message an officer.

Guildmaster's Contact
Discord: @Flori281#1269

Officer Contact In-Game: