A T H A L _ D R E N

History as of 2E 586

Dren arrived on the Gold Coast near the end of 2E 585, a Hlaalu merchant who established a little book shop in the city of Anvil, where he also offers Mages Guild-certified artisan enchanting, scribing, and translations (to and from Cyrodiilic, Dunmeris, Velothis, Ald Chimeris, and early-to-mid period Ayleidoon).

By his account, the man came to Cyrodiil from Valenwood, where he had been a member of the Mages Guild in Elden Root, and before that a member of the Mages Guild in Almalexia, responsible in part for the organization of the Guild's library there. The fifth son of a wealthy merchant family (dealing primarily in lumber, paper, and pitch), he had little inheritance to look forward to and decided to strike out and make his fortune in the West.

A polite man, Dren is well-liked by most of his Anvillian neighbors but very private, keeping to himself more often than not and occupying himself with the incredible volume of paper—literature, letters, and so on—that moves in and out of his establishment. Though there is nothing in the way of proof, some pernicious rumors circulate around the Dunmer, with his less trusting neighbors accusing him of foul deeds ranging from necromancy to Daedric worship and even espionage. Such scapegoating is an unfortunately common occurrence for a Dunmer abroad, and he has learned to largely ignore it.

a.k.a. Kanat Hledri, Massarapal Zenammu, and much more.

B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Born: Molag Amur,
Vvardenfell, 2E 514
▪ Age: 72
▪ Race: Dunmer
▪ Birthsign: Lover
▪ Height: 5'9"
▪ Weight: ~165 lbs
▪ Occupation: Bookseller, Enchanter


Athal is very much a Dunmer-looking man, an element of Eastern wildness in his appearance even despite his polite and proper mannerisms. His hair is coiled into dreadlocks which are kept carefully neat and clean, and even the more rugged aspects of his appearance, such as his stubble, are very deliberately kempt. Though they are typically kept out of view, as he prefers long sleeves, his torso is also adorned with ritual scarifications which he cites as part of an older Velothi tradition, a sign of respect for those that came before him.

Athal prefers to dress simply, donning linen and leather far more often than silk, and wearing browns, dark blues, and blacks far more often than any more ostentatious colors. His clothes tend to be well-tailored and surprisingly Western, jerkins and leggings where one would expect wrapped tunics and pantaloons on a more traditional Dunmer. A steel dagger is usually found threaded through his belt at the front of his trousers, a relatively common and practical adornment for those wealthy enough to afford it.


A man of exceedingly considerate and polite demeanor, the nuances of social interaction are always at the front of Athal's mind. Very willing to adapt, he tends to adopt Cyrodiilic social mores over Dunmer while on the Gold Coast, unless he speaks to a fellow member of the diaspora. He is also a quiet man, typically preferring to listen rather than speak, and seeming to feel no particular obligation to fill any silences that arise. While these personality traits may lend themselves well to the view of him as a bookish academic, his calloused hands and muscular frame tell quite a different story, and suggest a more active lifestyle outside of his work.

S K I L L S _

Athal prides himself on his ability with languages, though his heavy accent when speaking the Western tongue seems to be an idiosyncrasy he can't quite shake. He is fluent in Cyrodiilic, Dunmeris, and the language of the nomadic ashlanders, as well as being able to read and write (though not speak) in Ald Chimeris and early to mid-period dialects of Ayleidoon. He is a very learned, literate man, boasting that he does not stock any books he hasn't read—and his bookshop is very well-stocked.

As a member of the Mages Guild, Athal has specialized in the art of enchanting, though he considers himself a decent hand at the schools of Alteration and Mysticism as well, having been tutored by a Telvanni wizard back in Morrowind. He also seems familiar with the intricacies of keeping a collection of books, maintaining a very specific organization in his shop—indeed, he can often be found shuffling books around after customers return them to the shelves. He claims as well to be an avid hunter (a practiced hand with the compound bow), presenting this as the explanation for his toned physique and callouses.


H O O K S _ & _ C O N T A C T _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Athal highly values community, and as such is always eager to befriend other Dunmer living in the West... though his definition of 'Dunmer' seems rather specific.
▪ Athal's shop in Anvil (and my primary residence), 'Westgate Wordsmithing', stocks books on a number of topics ranging from poetry to history and instructional texts.
▪ He also provides enchanting services, as well as translation, and occasionally serves as a professional scribe for the illiterate.

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