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Orc and Breton Looking for friendly and active RP Guild! Interested in ANY rp except for Erp

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Hello! My friend and I are new to ESO and rp itself. We want to try both and think it sounds like a lot of fun.

We don't know how hard rules are, what kinds of rules there are, and how they work, but we are willing to learn.

I am a Breton Sorcerer and my friend is an Orc Dragon Knight if that matters. We also like using Discord if you have it!

Posted Sep 16, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 16, 18
Good afternoon! Our guild known as The Crimson Razor is an evil Role Play Guild based on darker storylines and in-depth character development. All races, vampires, werewolves, veteran RPers, and beginners willing to learn are welcome. We have events happening nearly every day of the week along with our own website and Discord. We also have a wonderful group of individuals who are constantly wanting to meet new people and have some good times. We have a website https://thecrimsonrazor.enjin.com/home filled with details and even a wonderful entertainment video!
Posted Oct 3, 18
Hello, I run a Skyrim based guild called the Clans of Dukaan, here is a link to our website SITE!! and a link to our recruitment thread, THREAD!!!. One of our clans is fairly open to non Skyrim native and we have an orc clan for your friend as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. All my contact info is on the site or at the bottom of the recruitment thread.

Posted Oct 3, 18
Spared a Coin
Daggerfall Covenant
Ebonheart Pact
Hew's Bane
High Rock
Hello and welcome! Before diving into a guild you might do well to check out some of the OOC hub guilds which exist for helping players make RP connections and also do check out the Discord Hubs which will let you also meet and make connections with other players of various interests without committing your precious guild slots! Because of the unfriendly nature of the game itself (No RP servers, the horrible megaserver that leaves all public RP at the mercy of trolls...assuming you can even get into the right instance to find it in the first place) and the fact that a lot of RP takes place "by appointment" and in player housing, making those connections is more important than ever. Here's hoping you and your friend find what you're looking for!

Posted Oct 4, 18
Not sure if you both are looking for anything involving werewolves but Guardians of Falkreath is looking for active roleplayers. We are newer but active werewolf guild aligned with EP looking for more people to join. We accept all races, classes, and we also accept you even if you arent a were yourself. We have weekly events and our main story event will be starting soon when our guildhall is complete. If you want more details head on over to https://falkreathguardians.shivtr.com/.
Posted Oct 7, 18
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