Im new in Rp but looking for a demanding guild, i realy want to live the game this way. In my poin of view is the only way to enjoy it truthfulyl. I allways do all the side quests annd learn about the life and problems of the people of Nirn.

Although i have a pc acount too, im looking to invest the most in my xbox one.

I am Portuguese. But for me this is an oportunity to develop my english fluency also.

My Xbox name is MaquiavelXDPT. Add me please.

I got some caracter´s story lightly scrible. But i whanto to develop it organicaly with my life here.

Im a young Khajiit female called Layla MsKitty, in honor of my cat :) My first title in game is master thief so im goin that way to start. Love political matters but not alligned policaly. Mother an father divorced when she was 4, travelled a lot due to her mother´s job. Never got the oportunity to call a place home. Studied philosofy for some time but dropped out. Ran from his home looking for wisdom in the living world not just in books. Thats when she became a thief and joined the thieves guild when she met Quen. Joined the Dark brother wood but the kill of a inocent its heavy on her mind and she still dont visit the brotherwood hideout one time. Dream about, with her wisdom, to write a book about politics. Dreams to be seen as an heremit despite knowing that she is far away from that.

This is what i got for now, not realy deep in to the game´s lore but i am exited for that.