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The Black-Thorne Society...Fortune Favors the Bold! (NA XBOX1)

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*tacked firmly to the top right corner of the message board flutters a large, pale parchment paper trimmed in a black floral pattern. The bold sweeping print catches your eye, it reads:*

Employment Advertisement

New RP guild seeking cohorts, click on link above (then click on the image) or just visit us at: The Black-Thorne Society . We're looking for fellow players interested in actively participating in decisions, creating adventures, and most importantly having fun while enjoying each others company. Building a community. :) Leave any questions at our site. Or here if you're so inclined.

We're an immersive guild (RP) looking to explore all aspects of ESO this includes quests, dungeons, trials, arenas, pvp, etc. all while promoting role play on our server. Interested? Please submit your application at our the site.

Thank you & have a wonderful day/night! :)
Posted Sep 26, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 28, 18
Greetings Wayfarer,

We are still accepting commissions for any interested. Please feel free to contact Nahla Leki or Za'nir Solkar by way of the Flaming Nix.

Tu' Whacca guide you,
~Nahla Leki
Black-Thorne Society


feel free to stop by our site & contact either one of us with questions, or via Xbox: Za'nir (HarleyQinn18) or Nahla (WillowLilly07)
Posted Oct 8, 18 · OP