Name: Aradesh The Silent or Aradesh for short

Race: Argonian

Sex: Male


Scale Color: Black

Eye Color: Lightish Blue

Feather Color: Black

Alliance: Ebonheart Pact

Birthsign: The Shadow

Class: Nightblade

Birthplace: Murkmire

Affiliation: Dark Brotherhood, Ebonheart Pact, and Thieves guild

Orientation: Heterosexual

Friends: Sadly one and that's Viniea, the thief.

Family: Father and Mother (Deceased), younger sister (Active), Viniea (Girlfriend)

Personality: Aradesh is somewhat calm and patient, especially when it comes to contracts and sacraments. He's primarily silent and therefore tends to not speak that much. He does offer himself as a bodyguard sometimes. He's free the first time you hire him, however it will be 50 gold the next time and will continue to stack up. However if you don't have that much gold then he'll cut the price down with 15 being his final offer. The price is lowered even more if your either a female khajiit or a female Argonian. At first he seems to be a cold and silent killer. However when you get to know him he's warm hearted and sweet. He just doesn't like showing it. He does protect those close to him. He prefers speed and stealth over all others. This is because of his training as a shadowscale. Aradesh does have a preference for both female Argonians and khajiits. Hence why he's with Viniea, a khajiit. He doesn't like dark elves that much, but he does respect the nords, especially Jorunn the Skald-King. He doesn't like talking about anything personal unless your a close friend.

Backstory: To be added

Weapons: A dark brotherhood bow and swords, nightblade spells, small crossbow, and daggers.

Armor: An Imperial chest piece with greaves and boots, assassin league gauntlets and shoulders, Redguard helmet.


And here's Viniea and Aradesh together, gonna try to get a cute pic of them together.

Note: Aradesh belongs to me while Viniea belongs to a friend of mine. Fill free to leave any feedback or comments you have. This is still a W.I.P. And before you ask this is actually a remake and improved version of the original.