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XB1 [XBOX-1][NA] Looking for Roleplay

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Hi there!

I've been an avid RPer in several online MMORGs over the years, but always on a PC. This is my first time venturing into a console community. As such, I'm looking to find players and guilds that are open to creating new roleplay connections.

My roleplay style can vary from a few succinct sentences to multiple paragraphs, depending on the players I'm engaged with. I'm open to all ideas and I would be happy to discuss the characters I'm working to establish if you're interested!
Posted Oct 10, 18 · OP
Hello! The Ruined book of tales RP community is most certainly an active group of roleplayers for ESO who are always looking for more members to join our family, if you are interested in joining just hit me up on X-Box, my Gamer Tag is brycombat, discord, or here of course!
Posted Oct 10, 18