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Neutral Khajiit [PC- NA] Do'Bahgrrar

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──────────────────── S U M M A R Y ─────────────────────

A jovial sort, he’s not shy with his laughter and the rolling rich boom often comes from deep in his chest. Not a shy sort, he is absolutely one to start up random conversations with strangers. Commonly found looking for work anywhere he can get it, the taverns are his typical haunt. A trickster by nature, he doesn’t often correct people who assume he’s just a big dumb brute and will gladly play the roll till he’s bored. Not above getting into brawls, he enjoys falling in and out of trouble and is the perfect accomplice to any illicit activities.

The definition of a hulking beast, Do'Bahgrrar easily towers over most others with the mass to rival a werewolf in stature. He gives living proof to the whispers of giant jaguar men of Elsweyr with his bright golden eyes and sharp fanged smile. The massive maul on his back leaves no illusions about a man who won’t snap your neck for the right amount of gold. Often forgoing excessive armor for mobility and speed, when in battle he is not above simply tearing his opponent to shreds with fang and claw.

Having left Elsweyr on a personal quest, he keeps his business to himself and more often enjoys listening about others. Bits of his mannerisms elude to a time as a gladiator, and the long scar crossing over half his face tells of a mercenary's life. Gentle to Khajiit merchants, he still remembers his home enough to respect the trade routes and those that walk them. Claiming no personal heritage, and using a nickname given to him by rude locals, he keeps the details of his origin close to his chest. Always introducing and referring to himself as Toadie in mixed company.

────────────────────── H O O K S ──────────────────────

▪ Maul for Hire - A Khajiit needs to eat, and earning coin is paramount to calling yourself an adventurer! Do you need a brute to stand behind you during deliberations? What about a convincing beast to snarl at your enemies while you ‘hold them back’? Perhaps you just need someone to reach that book on the high shelf. "Don’t worry, this one knows a guy."

▪ A Sweet Tooth - While not a dealer, Do'bahgrrar tends to lend his skills to the smuggling caravans and underground merchants who circulate moon sugar throughout the realms. This often means his face pops up in all the wrong places at all the right times.

▪ A Song in Your Heart - Not a bard by profession, this Khajiit has a remarkable singing voice. Often found in his camp singing a tune without a care, he is always happy to share a meal and a song with strangers. Gifting a new song to him is as good as gold, and debts are always repaid in full!

──────────────────── R U M O R S ────────────────────
▪ Altmeri Merchant - “He is the sort of guard you want. Quiet. Beast only ever speaks in grunts and growls... Oh and the occasional yes and no.“ ▪ Redguard Gladiator - “Big… And he knows how to use that size in the arena. My tip? Don’t let him get close… And NEVER let him grab you.”
▪ Bosmeri Scout - “He’s loud, with all that growling and rumbling. Gives his position away so easily... Though, something tells me that’s what he wants. ▪ Khajiit Barmaid - “Loves to drink. Loves to laugh. Also has a big sweet-tooth… If you know what this one speaks of…”

────────────────── M O O D M U S I C ───────────────────
Murky - Artist: Saint Mesa
Lion - Artist: SomeKindaWonderful
Lost Highway - Artist: Dirtwire
In Darkness We Trust - Artist: Deadly Circus Fire
Whiplash - Artist: Black Math

m o o d b o a r d _ f r o m _ s t u c k w i t h p i n s

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