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Seeking a Rp Guild

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The Character in Question
Name: Astien Leryn
Race: Dunmer (Vampire)
Class: Blood Knight, Assassin
Age: ??? (recently woken from a century long slumber)
Personality: Chaotic Neutral/Evil
pvp faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Backstory: Was a Knight infected with vampirism by his mother figure who had him form a vampire clan under her command. With his new found vampire abilities he took on assassination jobs and grew competent in assassination. His Clan became known as Clan Leryn and does not exist anymore due to a civil war where he rebelled upon his maker and due to his injuries in the fight was asleep and weakened for a century and has only just awoken and is still very weak and wary of others.
What am I looking for in a guild: Rp but as well as people to do pve and pvp with.
About me: I play mostly weekends and later on in the week, I stream a little bit and enjoy rping and playing but do not like having lore thrown down my throat. So if any guilds are interested in me please contact me here vie pm or in game @Braxek
Thanks for reading and your interest in me!
Posted Oct 10, 18 · OP
The Phoenix Collective is looking for members!

This guild a character-oriented rp guild in which members have creative freedom/flexibility to craft their own stories and rp. Through the use of job boards, members can select jobs and collaborate with other guild members to create memorable rp experiences. All types of characters are welcome and encouraged to shape a colorful atmosphere.

For more information on how to join, please visit our website at https://phoenixcollective.enjin.com
Posted Nov 19, 18