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Looking for RP guild! (NA) =)

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Hello there, I am currently searching for a RP (Heavy preferred) guild that is accepting new members!
A little about myself, I play a High Elf names Kelevyra, his backstory is pretty normal (Always changing and rather new so don't have all the kinks ironed out yet!). Kel spent most of his early life in the Summerset Isles, in and out of jail constantly for petty crimes he eventually decided to leave. While en route to the continent his ship encountered a storm, sinking. After almost a week of floating, loosing site of the rest of the ships survivors, and having no food or water, he was luckily rescued and taken to Abah's Landing where he currently resides (Like I said new char so his story is only THAT far, I usually evolve a chars story based on the RP I do with him).
So, that's where were at so far! As far as guilds go, im an EST player (Though times not a factor for me I'm very flexible). I am a moderate - advanced RP-er (I'd like to think I'm pretty skilled XD ). As far as guild story goes, I'm open to any really, or none is fine (Maybe preferred not sure XD) with me. Ummmmmm, have Discord of course, will fill out app etc...
That's about all I can think of ATM! So... please DM me, reply to this what 'ave you with any questions or comments! Lookin' forward to hearing from you all and even more so RP-ing with ya'!
Posted Oct 14, 18 · OP
Hi there! I feel like you'd be a great fit for us. :)

is an 18+ /heavy/ roleplay guild/tavern based on the outskirts of Ivarstead in The Rift. I know, I know. Tavern roleplay? How boring, right? Perhaps..or maybe something far more sinister is buried beneath the surface. Will you simply stop by for a drink and a warm bed after your weary travels? Or... will you uncover the dark secrets of The Siren Song Inn?

We are lore driven, and provide active social rp, as well as weekly adventure events. We are a heavy rp guild. This means that rp is our primary focus in this guild. (We often do pve/pvp with one another as well, you need only ask.) We have a discord which is used daily for socialization and event planning, and we aim to make all of our members feel welcome and right at home. We're more than just a guild, we're a family of roleplayers all dedicated to the cause of keeping the eso rp community alive. That desire has allowed us to create something we like to call ... a living world. We form guild alliances with other rp guilds to interweave some of our events (and theirs) to keep the rp community we’ve created bustling with activity. There's never a dull moment! We welcome /all/ sorts of characters. Good, evil, or somewhere in between: There's a place for you here.

Siren Song Enjin
Posted Oct 14, 18
Guardians of Falkreath is looking for active roleplayers. We are newer but active werewolf guild aligned with EP looking for more people to join. We accept all races, classes, and we also accept you even if you arent a were yourself. We have weekly events and have a main guild story too. If you want more details head on over to https://falkreathguardians.shivtr.com/ We would love to have you.
Posted Oct 19, 18