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RPer seeking guild

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I mostly do 1 on 1 Rps now a days but I'm looking to get into bigger ones once more. Been RPing for about 6 or 7 years now.

I have two characters I'm interested in roleplaying with and so I'm seeking a guild that will let me either Rp one or both. Thats about it really, I'm over 18 so I can handle darker guilds if need be.

Moves-With- Blades, EP, argonian. Neutral evil. Werewolf. Shes in the mindset of survival of the fittest, getting gold is a key to make it to the top, and if youre not with her youre against her. She does have an interest in history, nordic history specifically, and often can be found in the rift sticking her nose into old ruins.

Camrine, AD, high elf with maormer blood, vampire. Chaotic good. Camrine believes that knowledge is the key to the best futures and thinks the worst crime is snuff it out. She finds summoning daedra and atronachs fine if one does it for the right reasons and can control them (she summons both to help in fights and as a means of transport). She is often seen traveling to try and discover all she can.
Posted Oct 15, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 15, 18
Guardians of Falkreath is looking for active roleplayers. We are newer but active werewolf guild aligned with EP looking for more people to join. We accept all races, classes, and we also accept you even if you arent a were yourself. We have weekly events and have a main guild story too. If you want more details head on over to https://falkreathguardians.shivtr.com/ We would love to have you.
Posted Oct 19, 18