Is your Role-play character a strong combatant, sneaky thief, surefooted scout or just short on coin? If so, then we have a place for you! Breton, Orc, Bosmer and all in between are welcome to join us for nightly casual Role-play, weekly plots, and events.

We are the Praven Family and Company, a group of loyal, dedicated, and friendly free-form Role-players that can be found on the NA/PC ESO Server!

Our Role-play is heavily, although not entirely, combat based and explores some dark genres and aspects of ESO Role-play. There is the potential for injury and even death to your character, so bear this in mind if you wish to join us!

By joining our ranks, you'll find your character mingling in the midst of a large group of family and friends, all mercenaries working together as a team to complete contracts and tasks for coin. From trolls to vampires, bribery to bouts of thievery, we'll take on nearly every opportunity to make gold.

To find out more about the Pravens and the Role-play that we create and/or partake in, pop over to Riften and join in the Role-playing fun, or ask any member(s) of our team for help! If you're having a hard time finding a member of our group online, contact Shrapnel, our Admin, here:

Discord: Shrapnel#9530
ESO: @Shrapanal

We look forwards to Role-playing with you!