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Neutral Dunmer Vemdros: House Exile and overall badass (Not really)

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Vemdros Redoran
Current Bounty: 230g
“The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

Age: 22

Physical appearance:
obscured by all the leathers and mask the most one could make out is that Vemdros appears to be a short (5'4"), small framed, and lean Dunmer, with a fair complexion and red eyes. Strands of black hair may sometimes peak out from under the masks. Whatever is under the mask isn't public knowledge. Though many are curious.

Gender: ???

Real Name: █████████ Redoran
(IC Only)

Vemdros, The exile, The survivor, penumbra. Literally whatever they make up. They don’t want a reputation tied to a one name.

Personality traits:
spiteful, cunning, callow, loyal(situational), misanthropic, Hateful, derisive, celibate. Most of all a free spirit.
Has a soft spot for gentle, kind, or even helpless individuals

The Dros
“Broody ‘tude-y fresh and fruity”

D20 Stats:
Str: 12 (+1)
Dex: 17 (+3)
Con: 12 (+1)
Int: 13 (+1)
Wis: 12 (+1)
Cha: 10 (0)

Adept Violinist
Impressive Archer
All right with knives
Pretty Sneaky if their loud mouth doesn't blow their cover
Sews in their pass time

Immediate Family:
Father (Drelsyth R.); socialite and consultant for some of the house’s Businesses. Who often held small aristocratic gatherings or parties (179)
Mother (Menarva R.); guard captain (184)
Eldest sister (Vivvera R.); gifted mage and predecessor of her father (46)
Older brother (Vardryd R.); ran off to be a humble merchant because he didn’t like the noble lifestyle. (39)
Youngest (███████ R.); Trained as a warrior and was meant to precede their mother. (20)

███████, who now goes by the name Vemdros, was the youngest child of Drelsyth and Menarva Redoran.
After the couple’s first child they began having less and less of a presence in their children’s lives, letting the servants and coaches raise Vemdros and their middle sibling essentially. Their siblings were usually gone as well, when Vardryd (the second child) turned around 32 he left the family and house to go find more humble, mundane work, the noble life didn’t suit him; Vem never saw their brother after that.
Due to their parent's minimal presence in their life, Vemdros had turned to partaking in risky activities
. For the most part Vemdros was attentive and well in their training but once finished with their duties during the day they'd go out during the later hours and partake in not ideal situations. They'd been doing this for several years until they turned 18 and became more and more critical of their upbringing and their life so far.
During one of Drelsyth's annual Gatherings, where Vem and siblings were often made to attend,
The young, privileged, mer had been socializing to the best of their capabilities when things went south. During the Party, Vemdros had thrown wine and assaulted a notable figurehead who was attending, for reasons that cannot be disclosed (Ic only). Their Mother, a guard captain, had escorted them out by force. Now with their family name dishonored by Vemdros' mistake the family- Mother, Father, and Older sister- had all agreed that the best option was to banish Vemdros. They bought the quickest and cheapest boat to skyrim and sent Vemdros away, as punishment for their actions and choices; Before shunning their own child Vemdros' mother told them "Never show your face again, your shame is what you must bare now."
With no money, no identity, and the clothes on their back, Vemdros lingered around the main cities of Skyrim as a
beggar. With their training and previous experience in illicit activities however they've acquired themself some goods such as some daggers, a mask and hood, and some trinkets. It's been four years since their banishment. For the majority of those years they lived as a beggar, but in the recent months it seems they're not as emaciated, and their clothes reflect someone with an income. It's also strange how Vemdros is no longer seen as much wandering the streets or not as present in the area anymore.

Good luck trying to E/RP with them :)
They are extremely afraid of being vulnerable.
They push everyone away on purpose.

(They are DB, though this isn't public knowledge.)
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Art by my wonderful Smeriic of my little vemdros c:
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