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[EU] [THRP] [Guide] The worth of gold

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The worth of gold (RP-Guide)

  1. Introduction
  2. Earning
  3. Pouches, coins and sacks
  4. Barter and Alternatives
  5. Goods and services
  6. Donations and Bribes
  7. Sources

1. Introduction

Greetings fellow travellers and roleplayers!
To make things easier for our community and set a gold-standard, I was tasked with setting up a guide for economical means.
This guide is meant to be a standard and guideline for our Community THRP - you do not have to stick to it mandatory, but I suggest it.

2. Earnings

The worker tab is always:
Month-summary (6 days a week)

The employer-cost tab is always:
Earning of worker/day + Daily Rations/day

High Class (Knights, Scholars at court, Magistrate..) - 30-xxx Gold
Month summary - 720 - .xxx Gold
For employer - 720-xxx gold + 50 Gold

Official & upper class(Town hall official, tax collector, custodian, herald, reeve, scribe, doctor, ewerer*, judge) - 20-30 Gold
Month summary - 360 - 720 Gold
For employer - 20-30 gold + 30 gold

Worker (crafting, service, ship-work & mining) - 10-20 Gold
Month Summary - 240 - 480 Gold
For employer - 10-20 Gold + 10 Gold

Guild member (Mage's Guild, Scholar's Guild..) - 10-30 Gold
Month summary - 240 - 720 Gold
For Guild - 10-30 Gold + 15-20 Gold

Mercenary/Sellsword/Fighter's Guild - 30-xxx (Depends on contractors, but mercenaries are expensive)
Month Summary - 720 - xxxx Gold
For employer - Depends heavily on contract

Soldier/Guard/Legionnaire - 5-15 (5 when living in guards' quarters)
Month Summary - 120 - 360 Gold
For employer - 5-15 Gold + 20-10 Gold

Worker (barmaid, ordinary cook, serf, farmer, servants, couriers, bards...) - 10-15 gold
Month summary - 240 - 360 Gold
For employer - 10-15 gold + 5 gold

Lower class jobs (Prostitute, cottar, scullor, sweeper, peasant, potboy, washer...)
- 5-10 Gold
Month summary - 120 - 240 Gold
For employer - 5-10 Gold + 0-5 Gold
*ewerer was normally a lower class job, but as we are in Hammerfell and water is very important to everyone, it is a very responsible and important job

3. Pouches, coins and sacks

A problem that most of the people face is how much coins can be stuffed into a ordinary pouch. As a guideline, I took a 900/1000 Gold quality (Fine Gold) 20 Francs Vreneli Swiss Gold Coin with a weight of 6,45g per coin and a diameter of 21mm. I know that probably no one cares, but if so – here you have the reference!

Small pouch:
20 coins
Big pouch:
50 coins
Small chest:
~250 coins (No real coins tried)
Big chest:
~1000 coins (No real coins tried)
Huge chest:
~5000 coins (No real coins tried)

4. Barter and Alternatives
As we see above, pouches do not hold that much. Because of that – and experience I made a previous games – I suggest barter. A common way for bartering is going to a jeweler to buy gems and keep them with you. Of course, you can keep 20 gems in a big pouch, but do not forget thieves and be careful how much gems you hold with you.
Bartering between merchants was also common in the real life middle-age. You want a sword? Fine, give me table. As a simple example, of course. Check the worth of what you want, then offer your trading-partner something similar and poof – no coins used at all.

5. Goods and Services
Goods and services are an important part of how you regulate the economy of your own character. I will list a few examples and encourage you to search some yourself, or think about how much it would cost.
Meal in an inn5-10
Ordinary drink in an inn (Beer, mead..)2-4
Better drink in an inn (Wine, rum..)5-8
Loaf of bread3-5
Smaller Weapon (Normal Sword, Dagger..)100-400
Bigger weapon (Two-Handed sword, decorated sword..)400-600
Clothes50-500 coin
Leather armor250-800
Plate armor (Note that materials in ESO change the prices)1000 coins and upwards (Ebony for example even up to 10000
Horse (R=Rent, B=Buy)R50, B2500
Prostitute.. session10-50
Easy Potion (Health, Magicka..)20-25
Expanded Potion (Invisbility, Strength..)30-100
Waterskin refill5-10

6. Donations and Bribes

Because it is a big topic for people that play more in the.. underground-ish part, I also want to get into Donations and Bribery.
Bribing guards is possible and common because guards do not earn much money – they pay taxes, but not much, and most importantly, they get food, uniforms and even a place to sleep if they have no home. Because of these facts, it was common in the Real-Life and is supposedly common that people that are majorily from the lower class. A bed, food and a bit of money, who would not want that?
A common bribe to a guard, for example to do not drag you to the dungeon because you stole, would be 10 coins. When it is for harder things, for example for things like let you in a restricted area, it can reach up to even 50 coins or more and upwards. Who could resist a days' earnings just to close one eye and walk past something?
Donations are another thing – it depends on the person or organization you donate to. If you save a business with a donation of let us say 400 coins or toss one coin to a beggar is a big difference, but you should think before you donate – when everyone would give them 10 coins, they would be no beggars anymore and you probably spent half of your days' earning.

7. Sources
My handicraft

Guide by Moriphin
Part of Tamriel Hardcore Roleplay
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This is really neat! Question though, how much do you think ingredients would costs? For instance, how much should a pound of ore cost?
Posted Nov 11, 18