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An Argonian Affair

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This is honestly my first time making a post like this, but.
If anybody is interested, I'm making a group for roleplaying Argonians. The group itself will mainly consist of... well, pretty evil guys. They will be Argonian raiders, but they will accept orcs and Khajiit, as well.

I got this idea about a year ago; during the Razarell's Rebellion RP storyline (I'm sure I spelled his name wrong, but oh well!), I RPed a mini-boss character named Weathers-Many-Storms. He is evil to the core. He led a band of mercenaries that fought for the rebels against the Covenant forces. He was critically injured which worked well for me, because I had to take a long, *long* leave of absence anyway.

In any case! For those of you interested or who want more details, message me on Discord at Hero Of Studs#5506 or in game @HeroOfStuds.

Posted Nov 21, 18 · OP
Hello. I assume this group is on NA-PC because you have that tag, but you posted this thread under PC-EU. So if that wasn't the intention you should repost it in the right place or ask a moderator to move the thread.
Posted Nov 22, 18