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[EU] Chains of Herma Mora - Slaves of the Woodland Man (Heavy Tendril!)

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Chains of Herma Mora

TL;DR: A storyline that is a follow-up to the ‘Gems of Ninendava’ flavour plot. However, this is meant to be an actual focus storyline and an in-game guild. Your soul has been stolen by Hermaeus Mora after you either foolishly used a strange gem for experiments or you have otherwise wronged the ‘Woodland Man’. Following the separation of your character’s soul, your body is ‘gifted’ to Molag Bal and you’re thrown into Coldharbour for his amusement. The Woodland Man still plans for you however. Perhaps if you do his bidding, you might one day escape Coldharbour and reclaim your soul.

One night you find yourself in a deep sleep and you are welcomed to a rude awakening. Hooded men smack you with an iron staff and drag you away from your home, campsite or wherever you may be staying at that time. As you try to get a good look at your abductors you catch a glimpse of what is underneath the hood: Tendrils. As soon as you see them you immediately get what feels to be an intense migraine. You pass out.

Several hours later you find yourself in a cave that is dimly illuminated. As you awaken, you notice your head is placed in a metal grate of sorts. The remainder of your body is numb and all else you feel is the cold of the rust grating resting on your neck. You try to look at one of the hooded men in front of you once more. Your heart skips a beat: It’s as if they have no faces. You only see the back of the hood!

One of the hooded ‘creatures’ extends it’s right arm to you. A purple glow hits you. An intense pain burns bright throughout your body. It’s as if someone is pulling at you, trying to tear you apart. You scream in pain. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever had! You beg for mercy! The pulling gets worse and worse...and then it’s as if there’s a ‘pop’ in your brain and the pain instantly goes away. You grow numb, and fall asleep.

You sleep but without dreams or nightmares. It’s as if you do not exist and all you see or feel is a void of pitch-black darkness. Will you even awaken anymore?

But then you suddenly awake again. You aren’t in your bed anymore. You are...elsewhere? You find yourself bereft of any possessions, even your decency. As you stumble forward you feel numb, as if all feeling has been ripped from your body. You know your name, what happened to have come here...but that’s it. Your memory is hazy and vague. You know your purpose and your goals, but why do you even want to accomplish them?

As you get onto your feed you stumble outside of a dark cave. And then it hits you: The sky is filled with a blue foreboding hue. The landscape is jagged and filled with mist. There is nothing but grey and destroyed woodland and the remains of houses around you. The air reeks of death but at the same time pleasant perfume. The look of this place then hits you as you try to make sense of it all.

This is Coldharbour.

Key Features
- Your character is now Soulless. Although you might think that Molag Bal stole your soul, it was actually Hermaeus Mora who possesses your soul now and has ‘gifted’ the baggage (e.g. your body) to Molag Bal.
- Your character has been abducted to Coldharbour.
- A slave of Hermaeus Mora.Your character hears whispers at the back of your mind telling you to find shelter in the ‘Everfull Flagon’. Your character stumbles around the wastes trying to find this strange place.
- Weakened. Your character’s body will still need food, water and rest, but it’s much weaker than it might have been before. The ‘soul separation’ has taken it’s toll on your physique and you feel like a ‘level 1’ character.
- You have lost -all- possessions. In fact, you are completely naked the moment you awaken in Coldharbour.
- Immersion is everything. This is supposed to become an RP guild that, if you want to do daily RP and immerse yourself into what it would be like for your character to live without a soul, this would be the right place.
- Sanity System. Every character receives 3 Sanity points upon joining the guild. If you don’t perform Hermaeus Mora’s bidding you lose a sanity point and your character becomes increasingly withered. Reach zero and your character can die. However, this is completely up to the player and a continuous stream of performing Hermaeus Mora’s wishes will allow you to reach quite a lot of sanity point.
- Creativity Required. Unlike some RP storylines where you need to ‘kneel’ in front of ‘ze grand DM’, you’re encouraged to use creativity to actually break the plot if you so desire. I will have notes pre-prepared before events but if you want to do a complete 180 on the storyline you’re more than encouraged to do so!
- Due to the gruesome subject matter and potential actions that are going to have to be performed during course of the storyline, your character’s age needs to be above 21 as well as your actual IRL age. I know this is harsh but we’re heading into gruesome territory here and applying a filter would hurt the concept. If you’re looking for stomach churning stories, this is the place!
- Quality over Quantity. If you wish to join your character will need to have a little bit of backstory to explain the reason why he or she ended up with us. You can choose to say the character had a gem or otherwise wronged Hermaeus Mora. The concept can also work with as little as 2 people so I aim to keep this endeavour relatively small BUT effort to follow the plot is required!

For the first time in more than 3 years I’m trying my hand again at actually leading a guild, the previous one being a ‘Penal Regiment’ in Guild Wars 2 called ‘The Band of the Grey Hammer’. Although my personal schedule at first didn’t allow me to do anything remotely ‘leading’, I’m at a point now where I can dedicate some more time to actually organizing an RP guild. Please note though that this endeavour does rely on the creativity of others. I’ll set the general ‘tent poles’ and organize main story beats, but it’s up to the members to use their full creativity to make the most out of this plot.

The idea from this point onward is that this turns into a focused storyline where several other Soulless try to survive the wastes of Coldharbour together. Note that the storyline will take place on the edges of what is possible in terms of what is ‘correct lore’ and what is not. However, in the interest of creating a compelling story that is connected to the game’s main plot, some liberties will be taken. We won’t become the Vestige in terms of power, but it is recommended you keep an ‘open mind’ in terms of what is possible with losing souls, regaining souls and everything related to those topics.

A small note on my role as ‘Guild Leader’
Similar to the Guild Wars 2 guild, my character won’t have to be the IC leader of the group. Instead, my character might as well end-up being ‘one of the guys and girls’ that follow the group’s leader. My OOC role will be, to state in modern-day IT terms, that of a ‘servant leader’ like a Scrum Master. I’ll try to make sure that the plot keeps moving forward and that everyone is having a good time. It is up to the group however to determine where we should go next. I’ll try to nudge a little if people need help, but I won’t dictate. That type of leadership should stay firmly in the realm of the past.

Interested in joining, want to have a talk?
Contact me directly on Random IT Guy#6937
Posted Dec 2, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 29, 18
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Zero interest unfortunately! I'll leave this topic up for now but putting it on the backburner. Feel free to still poke me on Discord if you'd like something like this. Instead of a Discord channel, just feel free to contact me directly on Random IT Guy#6937.
Posted Dec 29, 18 · OP