The Order of the Storm

You notice a banner in the town square, you notice a scroll has been fastened to it. Upon inspection, you notice the meticulous handwriting. The Order of the Storm is looking for new initiates willing to protect Nirn from Oblivion until the Dragonfires are relit. This is our world, not the Daedra’s. If you believe you have the discipline, honor, and loyalty needed to shelter the weak from Oblivion, and are willing to bring order where there is chaos, light where there is darkness, and yearn to serve as part of something bigger than yourself, look for the Knight in ebony in the town square.


About Us
The Order of the Storm is a paramilitary order, formed to be proactively seeking out threats to the separation of Oblivion and the Mundus. As such, the Order places an emphasis on discipline, honor, and duty. We are not a religious Order, we do what we do for the good of everyone on Nirn. While there are several, non-Knight opportunities for your character to pursue… everyone is expected to be willing to do what is needed when the time comes. Know this, we do not serve the people of Tamriel, and you are under no obligation to help them, but you are oathbound to protect the separation of our world and the Daedra’s. We rely heavily on a few ventures we own to fund ourselves, as we cannot sell most our trophies… given their… daedric and often curse like nature.

Contact Us
Contact Lithiel, Willow, Or Zhirr in-game or on Discord!

In-Game: @KinkyDovahkiin

Discord: KinkyDovahkiin#5002

If you're interested, submit an application on our website!
Order of the Storm

Any character welcome to apply!