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Neutral Argonian Character Ideas: Interlocking Scales

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Hello!! I'm new here, and I joined in hopes of finding more people like myself, who just love their characters and their stories! I love to RP, and I love to match my characters to (sometimes NPCs, but it's much more fun with) other peoples' characters!
As such, I'll try and post ideas for characters like this.. you let me know what you think!

In this case, it was inspired by a quest in Murkmire. It's called Frog Totem Turnaround (I'd link the page, but I've found none.) I'll explain below, so minor spoilers for the quest!!

Spoiler: Quest SummaryShow

But essentially, I had a character idea, based mostly on their story. I'd prefer my character to be female, but if someone wants to match their character with mine, it might go something like this:
One or more of them have had their gender changed from birth.
More in-depth, let's say one of the characters had possible feelings (emotional or physical) for another Argonian when they were a few years younger, and they changed their gender in hopes of egg-bearing. However, it didn't happen/go through for whatever reason. That's just one thought!
I don't mind what gender you make your Argonian, though two females can't bear eggs together. Maybe they could adopt? An Argonian child, or maybe another race? How cute!

Anyways, let me know if you wanna! I play more EU then NA nowadays!


EDIT: I came up with names!
Mine would be called Kuz-Akai, who was born a male but turned female in an attempt to bond with a male named Azi-Ushel. My name is random (I started with 'kud'), and the other 'original' suitor's named came from a mashup of 'mud' and 'gone' in Russian (minus the first half of 'mud').
If noone wants to pair with me, I'll just create the other character myself.. but I'd need to choose a gender.

My character has been made, and so has her original love interest. The newer love interest has not yet been made. You can offer! I will be updating, from now on, here!
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Hi Kadochka!!! Welcome to the forums! :thumb:

Make sure to join the Discord as well, a lot of activity & planning tends to happen through there nowadays. :)
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Posted Dec 5, 18 · Last edited Dec 5, 18
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