(This post is a WIP, with more info and corrections added in the coming days)

Tribe Hajethleel, is a small RP guild focussed on Argonian RP roughly set on an island-dwelling Argonian tribe. It's name inspired by a combination of several Jel words, meaning "Lost People" (for lack of official translations) symbolizes the tribe being a place to belong for those Argonians living abroad or more originally, coming out of slavery and wanting to reconnect with their cultural roots.

Tribe Hajethleel has been around on the EU for roughly three years continuously, with varying amounts of interaction with the wider community. Our RP can mostly be identified as casual and calm for most of the time, as it surrounds village life. Nevertheless are there enough options for events and adventure from time to time, as especially life in Black Marsh being a unique source of inspiration and options.
Our current active member base is small but close-knit, with deep cares for the setting and play a wide variety of characters.

IC History:
The tribe, once living on the northern border of Murkmire was raided by house Dres, and after a bitter conflict in which it lost a precious amount of its people, it managed to endure and remain within its home territory. Once the Pact was formed the tribe's Treeminder Bour-Razei received in a vision from the tribe's Hist that a new purpose for its people was in store: to migrate to the lands of Stonefalls and reach out to the now free Argonian people there, and be a home for them and others living away from their homeland. After having settled for several years in the village Lukiul-Uxith in Stonefalls, shortages and a call to help a tribe raided by pirates in the eastern sea of Black Marsh made the tribe, now grown in number, migrate once more to a new home.

We welcome most players and characters, however only Argonian ones can become actual members of the tribe, and supernaturals are also tricky, due to problems with otherworldy influences, to keep the ic population healthy (but we can make exceptions).
Some RP experience and basic knowledge of the Argonian lore is desired, but we don't mind giving guidance.

We have a discord server where nearly all our communication takes place. If interested you can message me here on enjin or in-game (@Duinhagedis) for more info or join our server https://discord.gg/9CRsmNr