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Dark Brotherhood RP Guild - Blade of the Brotherhood

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Blade of the Brotherhood, a PS4 NA dark brotherhood themed rp guild, seeks members to join the sanctuary.

"All in service to the Night Mother. The Blade of the Brotherhood is a roleplaying guild existing within the pre-established hierarchy of the Dark Brotherhood. Goal: create dimensional interactions between guild members through persistent plot and character development."

Black Sacrament contracts are offered. Compensation for tasks is offered. A ranking system and guidelines has been established. Please visit the BAND page and read the Important Notices for more details: band.us/@bladeofbrotherhood

In-game, contact Ambicerebratic (Character: Orion Ironsfeld) for details on how to begin your initiation into the Blade of the Brotherhood.
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To better understand the way this guild works, the Principles and Guidelines are posted below. There is a clear pathway to advancement, a structured hierarchy system, and a focus on character development roleplay within the established Dark Brotherhood lore.

Principles are governing ideas and concepts of a given organization. Guidelines put forth reasonable limitations and expectations for members of the organization. Below are Principles and Guidelines to facilitate the proactive roleplay experience of members participating in this Dark Brotherhood ESO guild. Have fun. Be inclusive. Don't rely on any one person in the guild to create the event because we all are the catalyst for an untold number of collaborative stories.
Welcome to the Blade of the Brotherhood.

Rank System

Rank Description and expectations
The Initiate is the entry-level position in the Dark Brotherhood. This character has expressed an interest in joining the dark family and has been entrusted with access to the sanctuary to receive their first contract assignments. Those not in the Brotherhood who wish to join must message a current member, the Matron, or the Speaker to set up a roleplay interaction. This interaction will take place at a location outside of the sanctuary as access to the sanctuary proper is restricted only to current members or invited guests on the visitors list. During the initiate rank, roleplay style is the primary evaluation focus.
Expectations and Duties:
- actively seeks contracts from Speaker
- interacts with fellow guild members
- attends sanctuary events
- contracts involve citizens in public
- joins BAND - Blade of the Brotherhood

This member has demonstrated their devotion to the dark family and basic understanding of the guild and its governing guidelines. Deepening their interpretation of the deities and principles of the Dark Brotherhood is now a priority. More complex contracts test their abilities and reflect a growing proficiency in the art of sending souls to the void.
Expectations and duties:
- all previous expectations and duties
- observe and report at Speaker's request Initiate contracts
- be able to discuss the Night Mother IC
- posts brief, in-character accounts of observed contracts on BAND page
- contracts involve private citizens inside residences and official buildings

A master of the finer points of their craft, these brethren are technicians of death. Their skill is called upon to fulfill black sacrament requests that will likely meet with resistance. The Night Mother watches over them, their tasks taking them throughout the realms to vanquish the monstrous and devious alike.
Expectations and duties:
- all of the above expectations and duties
- organize small groups to rp world boss contracts as needed
- contracts involve world bosses
- adhere to the mentorship of a full Assassin
- post account of mentored delves on BAND
- be able to discuss Sithis IC

An expert in sending souls to the void, the Assassin is the epitome of a Dark Brotherhood disciple. The complexity of contracts befits their level of sophistication as does the respect they are shown by other dark brethren. Achieving this level is a testament to the assassin's devotion, ability, and standing within the organization; this member has achieved full Dark Brotherhood status and all of the rewards conferred therewith.
Expectations and duties:
- all of the above expectations and duties
- contracts will involve public and solo delves
- mentorship of a Slayer ranking member through the roleplay of group dungeon delves
- present weekly in the sanctuary meeting hall on a technique, observation, or anecdote related to effective assassination. Presentations should be brief, IC rp events.
- be able to discuss The Void IC
- post IC accounts of mentored delves on BAND

This assassin has demonstrated the unique ability of enforcement. Through effective interactions with guild members, demonstrated proactive problem solving, and leadership, this officer role is the right hand of the sanctuary Matron.
Expectations and duties:
- all of the above general expectations and duties
- enforce guild contributions in a respectful, diligent manner
- make reports periodically to Matron
- carry out tasks assigned by Matron
- act as bodyguard for Matron
- Brotherhood hierarchy still applies
- encourage guild member interaction
- enforce/encourage BAND participation

This dark brotherhood member possesses a unique perspective, physical ability, and mental acuteness that is a vital asset to the Speaker and the Brotherhood as a whole. With the ability to operate independently and responsibly, the Silencer is a key advisor to the Speaker and the protector of the sanctuary. This assassin is surely a favored of Sithis.
- all above general expectations and duties
- carry out special tasks assigned by the Speaker
- be proactive in promoting guild roleplay
- assess members for promotion and makes reports to Speaker
- maintain PvP ability to defend sanctuary as needed.

A house in order is a strong house. Maintaining the health, organization, and operations of the sanctuary is the primary responsibility of the Matron. Collecting, depositing, and tracking guild contributions and checking up on the general satisfaction of guild members is a reflection of the Matron's devotion as a handmaiden of Sithis.
Expectations and duties:
- all above general expectations and duties
- collect and track guild contributions
- maintain the sanctuary via decorator access. This should be done to promote rp and sanctuary events
- host in-sanctuary rp/social events weekly
- post announcements, events, and sanctuary happenings on BAND
- access and update MOTD

The conduit from the Black Hand to the sanctuary, the Speaker provides a unified direction to the sanctuary and its members. Having direct communication with the governing body of the Dark Brotherhood, the listing of Black Sacrament contracts is under the Speaker's charge. The will of the Night Mother is the spoken word of the Speaker.
Expectations and duties:
- communicate contracts to members
- receive completion reports from members, observers, and mentors
- provide direction to the sanctuary's function, storyline, and roleplay
- establish and maintain the logistics of the guild in terms of BAND page, in-game guild, guild bank, and additions/removals of members.
- manage, proof, and update MOTD according to guild direction and story
- be accessible to members via mail, BAND, or in-game.

Rank Advancement
Advancement in rank is contingent upon successful fulfillment of the elements below in conjunction with an assessment and official promotion by Speaker. Advancement is at the discretion of the Speaker. If advancement is delayed, a rp session between member and Speaker will be organized to provide explanation and pathway to future advancement.

10 Contracts completed and submitted 100 gold contribution
Level Requirements 0-20

20 Contracts completed and submitted
200 gold contribution
1 item/furnishing contribution
Level Requirements 21-50

50 Contracts completed and submitted
500 gold contribution
Demonstrate 1 solo resource capture PvP
Level Requirement CP100

Create a 7-day rp storyline and run it
By Matron invite only
Demonstrate PvP in 3 Battlegrounds

Create a 7-day rp storyline involving another player as the target.
PvP execution of target required
Player Target must consent
Demonstrate PvP in 5 Battlegrounds

Demonstrate consistent, inclusive rp
Active on BAND
By appointment only by Speaker
Organize 3 sanctuary events
Recruit 3 new, viable members
Solve 3 riddles issued by Speaker

- contract requirements for ranking apply to the aspired rank and are not cumulative with previous rank contracts completed.
- must be completed and submitted within 24hrs of being issued.
- it is intended that contracts have a rp element. The duration and level of interaction with npcs, the environment, and other players should reflect this.

Compensation Levels

Compensation for completed contracts will be provided at the time of report to the Speaker.
Initiate-> secret 1, 100gold per contract
Murderer-> secret 2, 200gold per contract, 1 green Sithis item.
Slayer-> secret 3, 300gold per contract, 1 blue Sithis item
Assassin-> secret 4, 500 gold per contract, 1 purple item (Sithis or otherwise)
Executioner-> secret 5, 1000gold per contract
Silencer-> secret 6, 1000gold per pve contract and 5000gold per pvp contract
Matron- secret 7, 1000gold weekly salary
Silencer-secret 8

Contract Types per Level
Citizens-Generally, all members Initiate and above may be called upon to execute citizens in the public space.

Private Citizens and Officials-Members Murderer and above may be called upon to execute private citizens in locked homes and official buildings.

World Bosses-Members Slayer and above may be called upon to execute world bosses.

Delves- Members Assassin and above may be called upon to execute targets in delves and public dungeons. A Slayer member may accompany as mentee.

Player Characters- Executioners and Silencers may be called upon to execute player characters. Assassination attempts must be done with consent and performed via the duel system.

The majority of payouts are the responsibility of the guild master. To help maintain timely compensation, guild members are required to make a one time contribution of a specified amount at the time of promotion.

Initiate->Murderer 100gp
Murderer->Slayer 200gp
Slayer->Assassin 500gp

Contributions will be made to the Matron Matron who will deposit into guild bank and report to Speaker via Mail.


While inside the sanctuary, it is helpful to know general ranks. To facilitate this, the following character titles should be displayed in sanctuary.
Initiate-Assassin: no title
Executioner: Executioner
Silencer: Silencer
Matron-Speaker: no title

Within sanctuary, the following suggested restrictions apply:
- Only Silencer is to don Black Hand Robe.
- Shrouded Armour is to be worn by Initiates to Assassins.
- Assassins League, Thieves Guild, or Dark Brotherhood is preferred for Executioner and Silencer.
All wardrobe guidelines are voluntary to allow personal expression.

To expand the rp world of the guild, personalized guild secrets will be revealed to members as they rank up. Secrets may be unique to the individual so that if divulged, the source of the leak will be apparent. The sanctity of the Brotherhood's secrets is vital and tantamount to upholding the tenets of the faction, so being able to hold them in confidence is the mark of a worthy Dark Brotherhood member.

RP Expectations
We are primarily a text-based rp guild with a focus on persistent character development and storylines. Voice chat is optional and may be used in PvP scenarios.
OOC (Out of Character) conflict will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the guild. Just stay IC (In Character), interact as your character, and respond in character.
If a physical conflict must occur, both parties must consent to a duel. Refusing to duel because of level difference is frowned upon.This is accounted for in the level requirements for each rank. Note: this is not a PvP guild. Dueling should be the result of character/story developing roleplay and should have persistent repercussions, outcomes, and results.
Winning and losing a duel creates roleplay opportunity. Griefing, trolling, or harassment that breaches IC rp will not be tolerated and may result in immediate removal from the guild. We're here to have fun, not create ooc drama.
The guidelines listed here are meant to provide a framework within which all members can engage proactively in the roleplay of the guild and see clear signs of advancement and progress.

CP and PvP
Let it be stated again that the focus of this guild is not PvP. However, PvP and CP are game mechanics that are a controlled and consistent means of handling one of the most potentially divisive aspects of the game: combat.
PvP in a rp setting should reflect the skill level of your character at that particular point in their roleplay story. If your character is CP810, but they are supposed to be a new recruit...rp it appropriately. Conversely, if your character is level 4, then they have not yet reached certain ranks in the guild and should not be a ninja just because that's what you feel like at the time. Roleplay is collaborative storytelling within a shared and agreed upon universe. Be a good partner. Consider the entire scenario and lead by serving others. In return, you'll find that the mutual enjoyment of creating the story will yield meaningful arcs for your character...and fun for all involved.

- solo resource captures must be completed under the supervision of the Speaker.
- Speaker will provide tools to aid in the capture of the resource if necessary.
- this right of passage is purposefully challenging to reflect the gravity of the rank the member will soon hold.

Weekly BAND updates
Please be active on BAND to stay in the story and allow others a point of access into your character's story.
Speaker will attempt to post a weekly overview of general happenings.

Sanctuary Guidelines
- the guild hall sanctuary is the primary residence of Ambicerebratic/Orion Ironsfeld. Erstwhile Sanctuary
- to specify our sanctuary, it will be referred to as the Blade Sanctuary.
- access to the sanctuary will be limited to guild members. This reflects their knowing the passphrase for the Black Door.
- The Black Door cannot be bypassed by other magics. To do so is to break the fundamental lore established in the Elder Scrolls universe. Please inform your rp partners from other guilds of this when asked to port in. If a player wishes access to the house, they will need to whisper or mail a request to the Matron or Speaker to be added to the visitor list reflecting their admittance.
- The passphrase will not be given to characters not in the guild.
- Players not adhering to the rules will be considered metagamers and be added to the ban list for the sanctuary.

The above guidelines are designed to increase the transparency, interaction, and fun in the guild. To not adhere to any of these guidelines is to invoke the wrath of Sithis (a pleasant dismissal from the guild at guildmaster's discretion).

All in service to the Night Mother!
Hail Sithis!

Hopefully this has piqued your interest. Ask question, provide feedback, etc. Looking forward to more dark brethren emerging from the shadows to aid the guild.
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Recruitment Event: Dec 7-16
Put your in-game username and character name in a response below and the dark brotherhood will find you to begin your journey into service to the void.
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