D R E Y T H _ A D R A V A N I

Short Summary

Dreyth was born in Blacklight to House Adravani, a minor house in service to Great House Redoran. He lived a privileged and simple life, being schooled and trained with a noble's education. He spent his younger years in Blacklight as a house guard to the Redoran where he learned the fundamental virtues of the house; duty, gravity and piety. Yet as a young privileged Mer he spent his nights at local cornerclubs engaging in debauchery with his fellow guardsmen. After various clashes with the local Ordinators over his behavior, his family sent him to Cyrodiil to serve in the Three Banner's War as a disciplinary punishment.

Dreyth spent the next few years of his life in service to the Pact, seeing far more action than a simple guardsmen life would ever afford him. It is here he became close with his fellow soldiers, especially an unlikely bond with the Nords and Argonians. Through this he developed an everlasting loyalty to the comrades he fights besides and an uncharacteristic trait for his people, an intense distaste for slavery.

After returning home from the war, Dreyth developed a new sense of responsibility, purpose and honor. Now feeling more like a true Redoran, he craved to find a new cause to serve. This path lead him into the hold of House Derethi, where he now serves as a member of their militia, protecting Redoran interests throughout Stonefalls and Deshaan.

Dreyth circa. 2E 583

B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Age: 63
▪ Born: Blacklight,
Morrowind, 2E 520
▪ Species: Dunmer
▪ Gender: Male
▪ Occupation: Redoran
▪ Affiliations: House
▪ Constellation: The Steed
▪ Apparent Age: Early Thirties
▪ Hair: Long Dark Brown
▪ Eyes: Crimson Red
▪ Skin: Ashen Grey
▪ Build: Athletic
▪ Height: ~6ft 1in
▪ Weight: ~170 Ibs


Dreyth has a lean athletic build, somewhat unusual for a front-line infantryman. His developed athleticism and acrobatics allow him to use his leaner build to his advantage to outmaneuver other combatants. He sports an angular face with narrow crimson eyes underneath thin arched eyebrows. His fair falls long and silky down to his upper back, usually tied in a neat bun on the back of his head. His face is further adorned by a neatly trimmed beard outlining his jaw.


Dreyth continues to have his jovial and humorous personality from his youth but with a renewed sense of purpose and gravity. He still spends most of his nights at the local cornerclub, but now he participates in debauchery as an escape from reality rather than out of idle boredom. He has enjoyed being back at home in Morrowind, but struggles re-adjusting to elitism of Dunmer society after leaving the diverse community of the Pact behind. He often uses overt sarcasm as an escape from dealing with more serious issues and always attempts to keep his fellow comrades in good spirts whatever the situation.

A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T

Dreyth can commonly be seen sporting his classic Redoran bonemold uniform, the mix of chalky white bonemold and elegant red fabrics a symbol of pride in his House. Always on his hip and back are his trusty Dunmeri pronged sword and chitin bug shield. Outside of his usual militia gear he can usually be seen dressed in a classic Dunmeri nobleman's tunic and vestment, also colored in traditional Redoran red and black, adorned with ornate symbols of his house.

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