──────────────────── S U M M A R Y ─────────────────────

Breylief is a classic, and almost stereotypical Nord. She is a lover of mead, consumer of meat, hunter of trolls, wearer of pelts, and an enthusiastic bar fighter. She is a boastful and loud character, who finds very few situations awkward or quiet. She is a huge fan of good conversation, and is always down to buy some booze and kickback with another adventurer.

While she sports a powerful exterior, she can bear a rather serious side when the time comes. She is hardly intimidated by anything, and will almost always remain calm. Breylief is truly a saint of her people, and will tolerate zero dirty talk upon her fellow Reachmen, no matter the intensity of their barbaric rituals. She is a lover of everything Nordic, and will always adore any person who shares her background. She is a strong, loyal, and dependable person; which is something she proved very early to her tribespeople, and she has yet to stray from her way of upbringing.

When things get heated, Breylief will often remain calm and level headed, however with a few drinks in her, one might feel the rage of a hungry cave bear. She is no stranger to conflict, and tries her best to meet it with a fair amount of optimism and logical thought, however more often than naught she will try the classic "brawns over brains" tactic.

───────────────────── H I S T O R Y ─────────────────────

Breylief Frost-Bringer was born into a quiet society of Nords, living among the wilderness of the Reach. Despite what most think, they were not considered Reachmen, and worshipped no god or divine other than Kyne. They were perhaps a barbaric people to some, but lived almost entirely in seclusion. They lived off of the land, and often traveled to follow herds, thus considered a bit nomadic. Majority of the residents within the tribe were willingly inflicted with lycanthropy, and underwent a ritual when they were deemed worthy of the gift. Their strand of lycanthropy enabled them to shift into powerful bears, and thus they donned the name Standing-Bear Clan.

Breylief was the first daughter of Hreka Mjerdottir and Ingjvar the Mammoth, preceding her two sisters and single brother. Her father was the butcher of the tribe, and would cut and prepare the meat for meals, while her mother was a respected huntswoman of her people. Breylief was raised with both of these skillsets, and her parents prepared for her to take one of their positions when she grew of age. She proved to be an abled huntress, and became a master of the knife when it came to skinning and butchering her prey. Around this point in her life she was deemed desirable to be gifted with her tribe's lycanthropy. For her, the ritual was overwhelmingly intimate and powering; and she absolutely loved it. Growing used to her new form was a challenge, but she adored how she felt in her bear-skin.

As Breylief grew older, her future became more clear to her. She knew she would spend her entire life providing for her tribe, and living the same routine every day. This became a heavy thought upon her mind, and after a lot of thinking, she approached her mother for guidance. She asked questions regarding a temporary leave to the tribe, and told of her dreams to one day travel the world of Tamriel and to see its glory. Hreka seemed reluctant to this, but knew her daughter wouldn't live these urges down unless she fulfilled them. After Breylief received her blessing, and would plan to set out soon.

Not long after the discussion with her mother, Breylief packed for herself to leave her people in search of the great things Tamriel had to offer to an eager young woman. She bid her family farewell, and set off upon her trusted steed of an elk; Thrallsbane. Breylief's travels among Tamriel proved to be fruitful, and she met with a fair amount of new people and sticky situations. She trekked her way from the deepest depths of Black Marsh, to the tallest points of High Rock. With every experience she had, she became more of a worldly individual, and learned something new almost everyday. When the time came for her to return to her people, she searched the Reach up and down, but found nothing. She looked to both their winter camp, and their summer camp for any signs of her family, but found nothing. After a month of absolutely no signs of her people, Breylief went on with her life, and decided to isolate herself and return to her tribe's way of life. She lived off of the land, existing with nothing but nature and her cervidae companion.

One day, while the Nord woman was out hunting, she came across a small party of other Reach natives. The interaction was first met with a bit of hostility from both parties, but soon they realized neither were threats. The patrol spoke of a formed Clan among the Reach, and told Breylief that they took in outsiders. Hesitantly, Breylief would ask for further details, and they would tell her a location to meet their Seer at.

After a few days of thinking, Breylief set out for the location the three Nords spoke of. She was met with a frail old woman, who spoke of an alliance of clans among Skyrim, and that her clan was part of this pact. She was leader of Clan Wraithsinger; a lot of isolated, docile Reachmen who tended mostly to their land. Breylief was offered a spot among their ranks, and with a fair amount of hesitation, she accepted. She told Mera of her birthclan, and of its unknown fate. She told her that she was respectful of her new home and people, but should the opportunity arise, she would not waver when it came to situations of her homeclan.

Breylief currently lives as a clansman of Clan Wraithsinger, offering her talents within hunting and butchering when she can. At the moment she remains unfamiliar with the other clans, but hopes to make a few good connections.

───────────────────── P H Y S I C A L ────────────────────

Breylief has what many would refer to as an intimidating aura. She is a tall, dark, burly, and heavily scarred Nord who proudly wears the bearings of many fights. She stands at about six feet and two inches, with a chiseled form. She has molded her body to a very muscled state, with arms thick like a trees branch, and legs of a baby mammoth. Breylief is far from clueless of her intimidating nature, and will often flaunt her scars and muscles like a case of trophies.

Breylief's skin is pigmented a tanned white, and coated with various birthmarks and battle scars. Her exterior is rough to the touch, almost like a fine leather. Her hair is thick, and dons an ash blonde colour, and is hardly styled at all. She wears it down, and it tends to tangle itself around her shoulders. It is often messy, and decorated with various small braids and beads. Breylief has eyes of an icy blue, which is a partial reason to her name. One lengthy scar lines her left cheek, and clefts into her upper lip. Her right eye is blinded from an unknown event, which she often refers to as a "drunken mistake."

Often, she will be spotted wearing an average set of leather armor, adorned with various animal pelts and bones. She wields a strong Nordic axe, and wears a heavy shield and her grandmother's bow upon her back.

Her bear form is that of an average cave bear, donning a thick ashen pelt embellished with scars, and darker hues and highlights. A few braids and beads remain in this form, as well as her blinded eye and facial scar.

────────────────── R E L A T I O N S H I P S ──────────────────
▪ Mera the Eye - Leader ▪ Snorri of Windhelm - Acquaintance ▪ Ormax Tylius - Unsure
▪ Faven Velys - Acquaintance

────────────────────── H O O K S ──────────────────────

▪ Clansmate - Breylief is a new member to the people of Clan Wraithsinger, and has yet to meet many of the individuals of her people. She would like to introduce herself to as many as she possibly could, and begin to make a name for herself.

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