Elsweyr Honour Guard. - A roleplay guild focussing on character development and plotline progression. A military themed foundation incorporating a lore friendly experience through RP, and PVE, PVP settings as optional for scenario immersion and storytelling.

"Proud members of the region of Elsweyr! The time has come to do what is right! Under the Leadership of Do'Dulan, the Elsweyr Honour Guard will seek to unite all those loyal to the lands and form a single, unified military to be respected and feared! Among those who fight to serve our lands, Do'Dulan, Former Mane's Honour Guard has taken the liberty of establishing a base of operation in order to gather resources and assert power, so that those who threaten our land may learn to fear and respect our people and our home." - Elsweyr Honour Guard

Our Location

Username - @DezVahlok, primary house
House - Serenity Fall Estate
IC Location - Reapers March, Outside town of Rawl’kha
Discord: https://discord.gg/GTGQbMW
Description - Under the leadership of Do’Dulan, A male Khajiit who had formerly served the Mane many years as a loyal Honour Guard. The Elsweyr Honour Honour Guard have found volunteers who have come forth to pledge themselves to the Khajiit lands. Committing to uphold and protect it's population, security, way of life and honour.[/color]

Within the Estate, there are many services; library & study, shrine, bathhouse, sleeping quarters, garden, study room, stables and so on.
All those recruited will within the Elsweyr Honour Guard are can be expected to learn GoutFang martial arts system specialising in unarmed combat along with more contemporary combat training.

Structure & Ranks
The estate runs on a well thought system aiming towards a smooth Leadership, for both IC and OOC matters. At the same time the system aims to inspire our members to work hard and play a part in the IC-guild affairs and be rewarded for their efforts.


Progression through the ranks is initially achieved through IC actions & efforts. Progression through officer tiers and above require a balanced contribution of both IC and OOC efforts.

Guild ‘Ri’ - Commanding Officer Status. Oversees all aspects of the guild and implements the direction given by the guild Mane.
Guild ‘Ra’ - Senior Officer who manages the Subordinate Officer Tiers.
Guild Ra’Va - Supporting role, Would be senior to the officer tiers and anticipated to receive promotion to Guild ‘Ra’ when proven worthy.
Officers: Tier3 - Junior Officer, Tier 2 - Substantive Officer, Tier 1 - Senior Officer. Tier 3 is the entry rank for all new officers. Tiers are also documented on guild roster notes.
Alkosh’Do - Warrior Soldiers, Named after the Deity, Dragon King of cats; each a proven, tested, Master in the GoutFang martial arts system specialising in unarmed combat. Serving in a special forces capacity the role is not a requirement for progression in to the officer tiers. - This role is restricted to Khajiit and certain breeds are exempt from joining by default.
Rakiit (soldier ranks) General Duties consist of carrying out military assignments and other tasks:

Guild Rules

Absolutely no lore-breaking. If something has been confirmed to not exist in lore then don't do it. Unsure? Ask an officer.
Create a well rounded, believeable and lore coherent character. Consider strengths, weaknesses, quirks, mannerisms. If they're interesting and unique, they'll be more fun for others to roleplay with.
Ask permission before involving others in your activities. Establish what your partner will and won't allow - explicit violence? Any long lasting injury? Permadeath? Effective communication will prevent any boundaries from being crossed.
Face the consequences of your actions. If during an event, your group is outnumbered, exhausted from marching all night long, moving through a swamp AND you decide to charge at the enemy all alone, then expect to be captured, downed easily or worst case scenario, even face death.
No ERP. ERP is heavily frowned upon by most Rpers. Absolutely no ERP is to take place in public places under any circumstances. Public places include Guild Halls and any other instances which can be accessed by players outside of your party. If you'd be embarassed if your mother walked in on you doing it, it's probably too much.
Be active. Actively RPing on your character is a must. Contact an officer explaining why if you need to be gone for an extended period of time otherwise players who have not been with us for a set amount of time will be sent an in-game letter and kicked.

1) Contact the officers: Do'Dulan / @DezVahlok
2) Reply here on the forums or use enjin messaging
3) Join the Discord Server: HTTPS://DISCORD.GG/4SUH8Cc

This is a Neutral Guild and is open to all character races / alliances providing a lore friendly consideration is maintained.