Name: Ethi

Gender: Male

Race: Khajiit

Sub-race: Cathay-raht

Birth Date: Unkown

Birth Place: Deshaan

Sign: Unknown

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Relation: Single

Languages: Slightly Ta'agra and Common

Nicknames and titles given to him :

Occupation: Var’ranjith guard

Residence: House in Var’ranjith


Physical appearance:

Ethi has a brownish fur, And has one yellow eye and one fully black one which he covers with a eyepatch. He is a Cathay-raht which means he is taller than most Khajiit, He is around 2,00 cm. He has several scars in his face and many scars scattered across his body, One scar goes over his right eye. He is missing his left hand.


Most people will see Ethi wearing his heavy guard armor with a cloak hanging over his left arm, He also wears a eye patch over his right eye. In his free-time he usually wears his black suit.



Two-handed sword: In the past Ethi always used a two-handed sword until he lost his left hand.

One-handed swords: Ethi usually has two normal swords hanging from his side in case he needs to attack quickly.

Magic: He knows a couple of easy spells and is able to heal small wounds.


Ethi is a friendly and kind Khajiit. He is very loyal to his friends and would do anything he can to help them. He would have been more happy in the past but after several events he has become more serious and aggressive to people.

Ethi grew up being a slave to a noble Dunmer family. His parents died when he was 5 years old which explains why he doesn’t talk like most Khajiit’s do. Not long after he turned 18, A masked person set Ethi free and gave him a chance to escape. But escape wasn’t enough for him, That same night he killed his master and his family. He burned the house when he left and no one heard anything about the Dunmer family or about the other slaves after that. He fled to Vvardenfell where he worked as a mercenary and bounty hunter for 1 year. During this year he met another Khajiit who told him about a guild for Khajiit in Elsweyr named the Konozay Khaja. Not long after this he left Vvardenfell and traveled to Elsweyr to learn more about this guild.
He met the leader if this guild and joined the group of Khajiits. He saw the group as his family and he still sees them like that to this day. He used to be one of the guards for the Konozay Khaja but after the leader of the Konozay Khaja, Shai-ra reformed the guild into the community of Var'ranjith. Ethi became a guard for them.
Spoiler: Story: Ethi's escapeShow

Shai-ra: Shai has always treated Ethi as a friend and never as just a guard, No matter what the problem was Shai tried to help him. Shai gave him a place to live and a purpose to live, And because of all of this Ethi now sees Shai as his brother.

Ahzri: Ethi met Ahzri when he was paralyzed send back to the Konozay Khaja estate when the guild was fighting in Wrothgar. Ahzri has been helping Ethi since the day they met and has saved him many times. This is why Ethi sees her as his sister.

Syrrveliza: Ethi met the dark furred Khajiit very soon after joining the Konozay Khaja, At first he might have thought she was a rude person but he quickly realised that’s she is one of the kindest Khajiit he has met. She has helped Ethi with many things since they met.

Yuni: Yuni is the first real friend Ethi made since escaped his master, Many things have happened since the first time they met but even till this day, Ethi cares about her and would do everything he can to help her.

Elyna: If it wasn’t for Elyna, Ethi wouldn’t be able to move around and fight for his friends. While in Wrothgar Ethi broke his spine and only managed to survive because Elyna saved him using a spell only known by her coven.

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