The Community of Nealhil


Nealhil was once a very prosperous village on Summerset, under the rulership of the family Grayire for many centuries. However, the last kinlord Nelarion Grayire neglected the village for several years, and most of the villagers left. Kinlord Nelarion has now passed away, and his son, Sercelmo Grayire, has become the new kinlord and ruler of the land. The new Kinlord Grayire is rebuilding the village to its former glory. He has already rebuilt many of the houses and shops.

Now Kinlord Sercelmo is looking for people who want to live in these houses, work in the shops, and look after his estate. Moving to Nealhil is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking for new friends, exciting adventures, or simply a fresh start. No matter what you race is, You are welcome to visit the village and see if you are interested in staying there. The village is located in a valley in the mountains behind Cloudrest.
(Map of Sercelmo's land)

The jobs:
There are several places in the village where you can work, for example:
The inn

Jobs in the Grayire estate:
Captain of the guard

These are just several of the many jobs to be had.
(OOC: If you have a ideas for a job you can always let me know. If you have any questions you can ask reply on this post or send me a message on discord @mgerards.)
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