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[NA-PC] House Lyeis, Imperial Noble House

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House Lyeis
House Lyeis is an Imperial noble house. A cornerstone on which the resurrected Empire in Cyrodiil will be built. Part of the Embers of the Empire alliance of Imperial guilds, house Lyeis has been a catalyst to inspire action in the budding Empire. Built on the dream of a better Cyrodiil, and loyal to each other, we sacrifice all to help one another achieve our goals both to serve the Empire and those personal.

The legacy of the house is the city of Vinovia, symbolized by a great tree spreading its branches. As refugees in pact lands Kalius and Luna Lyeis lived the disdain that the actions of the Tharn's brought upon the good name of Imperials. But their place was in Cyrodiil, with the birth of their children it was time to begin a legacy of their own. It was time to return home. Pooling their resources they purchased land in South Eastern Cyrodiil, gathered friends and allies to secure it, and built the city that would become known as Vinovia. First the city serves as a platform from which to launch further reclamation efforts, but is now as a safe haven and beacon of hope to the war torn nation. That so many would follow them home is a testament to red diamond that beats in the breast of every true Imperial of any race.
House Lyeis the guild (OOC)

We aren’t your typical noble family. Lyeis was raised on the streets, the tale of what happened to his parents only recently resolved. Luna was not a noblewoman. The titles were granted by the community we play in for dedicated service and for building opportunities for many. We are people. While we have overt and lofty political goals for the Empire and our city we also have projects, and personal stories to unfold, as does every member. The guild itself is a vehicle for each member to have the opportunity to run their own story arcs and play through the arcs of others. We help each other tell stories, for the Empire, for our projects and for our characters. Join us and let us share in your story as you share in ours.
For more information contact @Lyeis/@LunaArashiha/@Churchies in game or here on enjin Or Discord @Arashiha#4327/@Lyeis#7915. Visit our scrolls at https://lyeis.enjin.com
"A tank and an army of muppets."

The Embers of the Empire Alliance
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I've RPed with Kaelius Lyeis quite a bit and always had a fun experience! Good luck with this!
Posted Dec 15, 18