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الذي يسافر
Mel'rhaz, the Itinerant One
"Once you get past his charm, good looks, intelligence and his sense of humour. This one thinks it's his modesty that stands out most."

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Race Khajiit
Age Young Adult
Shape Tall, lean, fit
Fur Midnight Black
Moonlight Silver

Expertise Ambidextrous
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Merits Charismatic, Philanthropist
Faults Kleptomaniac, Easily Distracted
Pseudonyms Mel, Rhazi, Arashaar, Rhashaad

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As the mountain stands, garbed by midnight, mottled with darker drifts of ample noir.
Avowed by ceremonial, adorned with abstract paint and artwork of his beloved ancestry.
Average amidst his ilk, Mel'rhaz is both tall and broad, proud and powerful in his physique.
An animal whom melds deep into the shadows of day and deeper into the blanket of twilight.

Bound in black leather, a bereft and bruised backpack in partnership, Mel'rhaz travels light.
Begotten gains brokered from base to backstreet, belongings and baggage brought to bargain.
Before the light-fingered lifestyle, Mel'rhaz was an avid Botanist and Brewer, trading in exotic teas.
But even with brand and beguile, his want to aid the crestfallen remains, venerable and selfless in being.

Calm and collected, this charismatic cat clearly cherishes calculated chaos, conjured commotion.
Cunning a creature, as clever as they come, Mel'rhaz enjoys practical jokes - never at his expense.
Creatively consuming knowledge in stealth and subterfuge, he has a penchant for innocent clamour.
Caring and kind, concocting most calamitous scenes for the enjoyment of those most in need of laughter.

Dangerous. A deck of dexterous digits delve the deepest depths in search of dosh.
Donations dug with deviant disregard, denouncing decadence for divergent gains in full.
Deceptive, Mel'rhaz can often be found drifting from dock to dock, selling dubious wares of all kinds.
Different in his personal deviations of theft, diverting the wealth from debauched nobles to the poorest.

رحلة تحت النجوم
A Journey Under the Stars
"This one has been writing this story since he learned to use ink, maybe one day he will be finished."

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