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Semi-Casual RPer looking for new-to-ESO-lore friendly RP guild.

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Hello! My user name and character name are different. I play a High Elf named Arkanil Charmire and looking for a casually active guild. IRL keeps me pretty busy and my mornings are all but spent at work (I'm a baker). I really have no specific requests except that I intend to RP my elf as the stereotypical look-down-the-nose personality with a huge dash of inquisitor-ness - whatever that means. :)

If it's of any curiousity, I've RPed since I was 10 years old starting with AOL chatrooms in the world of Rhydin and Red Dragon Inn. I migrated to MMOs in Beta WoW, FF11, DAoC and CoH (pre CoX). I've maintained RP until present time where now I don't RP as much as I did with adult responsibilities but I still enjoy the atmosphere, community and general camaraderie of an RP guild.

Posted Dec 22, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 22, 18
The Guardians of Falkreath is a heavy roleplaying guild based in Skyrim. We are an Ebonheart Pact aligned Werewolf Pack operating under the guise of a Mercenary Company. Reguarly scheduled events planned. Head over to our website if you are interested. https://falkreathguardians.shivtr.com/
Posted Jan 4, 19
Daggerfall Covenant
High Rock
Nightshade Family will mix it up; https://discord.gg/qwKSNx
Don’t be so serious on lore that you forget to have fun with your characters, since every rule has exceptions. Love to RP ESO content as well.
@Smilake (in game)
@Smirake#7249 (discord)
Posted Jan 7, 19