Hercules Carolos

"Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear."

Full name: Hercules Decimus Carolos
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Born: Bruma, Cyrodiil, 13th of Frostfall 2E 563
Height: 5'5
Weight: 114.6 lbs

Herc's motives aren't very clear. He's often seen around the wrong crowds, following shady people and drinking a lot more than he can actually handle. He can do better but isn't trying, preferring to stay inside his little shady comfort zone where he isn't heard or seen. He's seen a lot around the Riften tavern, the Whitered Tree, and has been the centre of trouble there more than once. Often unintentionally. He comes around the tavern almost daily with occasionally huge breaks in between that can last for months. He mostly claims that he has been travelling in those months, though it is likely something other than that.
He's made some claims that he's being followed around by mercenaries and that he comes from the currently destroyed city of Bruma in Cyrodiil. However, there is a lot of stuff he doesn't talk about.


His most noticed feature is his very pale skin and red eyes, questions about this are actively avoided. These features appeared only recently and before that he had tanned skin with bright green eyes. He is wearing a hood and cowl a lot of the time, except when he drinks or eats. Under that he has shaggy black hair that most likely requires a haircut. He has some light facial hair on his chin, but that's basically it.
Hercules is very rarely seen wearing anything other than his armour, mostly made out of leather and/or fabric. He is rather short and has a very wiry build. He did gain some muscle over the years. On his upper body he has some extensive tattoos and on his face a scar, which reaches from his upper cheekbone to the corner of his mouth. However, he refuses to talk about it.
He's got a bad limp when he walks, most likely from a broken bone that didn't heal properly.

Herc is very quiet in large groups, preferring to observe and watch with his limited social skills. However, when he is in a small group, feels comfortable or has had a little bit too much alcohol he gets a lot louder. Sometimes he's way too stubborn for his own good, which gets him in trouble. He's fun-loving, boyish and adventurous. And he never backs away easily from an argument once it has started. He can be paranoid, yet he seems to trust his superiors a bit too much. He's vulnerable to things that offer him power, yet doesn't seem to care much about wealth. He occasionally forgets other people didn't grow up in luxury and is a bit blind to the fact that money problems do exist, even when he has money problems himself.


"I could stop talking. I won't, but I'm positive I could."
"Tell my father that next time he sends you after me…I won’t settle with taking just one of you."
"It's business, I'm just following orders. Nothing personal, really."
"Please tell me I'm not the only one that loves the sound they make when an arrow pierces their skull."
"Ever joined a bar brawl with only a lute? I love bar brawls..."

Herc was born in Bruma, Cyrodiil, to the Count and Countess. He got a very privileged childhood, having an expensive education, protection at all times and he never had to work. That lifestyle did have its quirks as he grew up very isolated. He made very little friends. He spent most of his time inside with his mother as they played music or they took a walk outside together though they did get accompanied by guards all the time. He grew very attached to his mother while he hardly saw his dad, who was too busy with ruling Bruma.
Throughout his childhood, he got a very negative view of his father, who just seemed cold and dictating to him. When his mother died, everyone assumed it was caused by an illness. Herc was very convinced it was caused by poison. However, since he was a grieving, twelve-year-old kid, nobody believed him.
Herc got desperate and instead decided to call the Dark Brotherhood and order them to take revenge on his mother’s killer, despite not knowing the identity. After getting no reply, he assumed the Brotherhood had ignored him.
Herc got a little older and more of a teen. During this time he was mainly practising diplomacy and etiquettes, as he was the next in line for the position of Count. The relationship between him and his father worsened. Eventually, they hardly even talked. They avoided each other during dinner and only spoke when it was absolutely necessary.
After a fight neither of them like to talk about anymore, Herc did his first escape attempt at the age of fourteen. After that, he would try every once in a while until he eventually succeeded during the fall of Bruma.
After that, he fled to Riften. From there he took a ship and took several jobs at seas such as a bartender, bard and cleaner. After mercs snuck onto the ship and attacked the crew to get to Herc, he fled once again.
At the age of seventeen, he was completely broke. He tried taking jobs as a mercenary or join dangerous expeditions. But due to his age and lack of skills, he hardly got paid if he got the jobs at all.
That’s when he met Aryndrilla Sedralu, a Dunmeri lady who travelled around researching everything she found interesting. Herc found out that his father still had vaults around which he hardly checked. He just needed his father’s spare keys. With the help of Aryn, he managed to duplicate the key and locate the vaults spread around several banks in Tamriel, gaining him a small fortune every once in a while.
Herc spent some time travelling with Aryn. And as they grew closer they got into a relationship. After a while, they both had to leave on their own expeditions as they didn’t have the same goals. Still, they stuck to a long distance relationship and would meet up every once in a while.
Herc eventually got approached by the Dark Brotherhood, who revealed to have heard him after all and succeeded in killing the murderer. A while before, Herc had murdered an innocent for gold as he was desperate and the Dark Brotherhood took notice. He saw his opportunity and took it immediately.
He spent several years loyally serving the Dark Brotherhood and it’s unclear if he is still loyal to them or not. He also joined some criminal activities, operating mainly around Riften. He can often be found around the Withered Tree and seems to have a friendly relationship with the tavern’s Argonian bartender.
Fun facts

  • He's ambidextrous, being able to use both his hands equally well.

  • I originally intended him to be a lot shadier and sarcastic with some psychotic tendencies but that didn't work out for me in practice. He was also supposed to be charismatic but, unfortunately, I'm unable to pretend to be charismatic.

  • His girlfriend Aryn is one of my other characters who I stopped playing.
End notes

If there are any tips you have about my character, please send them. I'm really trying to improve my characters and how to write stuff like this. Keep in mind with the spelling, that English is not my native language. I'm improving but this is the best I can do at the moment. I'm also not quite sure how writing like this works and how to add a picture. If I do know, I will edit this and add some in-game pictures or drawings.